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I just had one of the most extreme tests of my patience as a parent in modeling courtesy and respect.

Kieran's initial take on President's Day is that we'll all run for president on that day (we talk about voting and the election process a lot lately)

I explained that it was a special holiday set aside to be thankful for the good people who have been our presidents.

Kieran immediately replied, "Oh yes, and George Bush is currently our President and he is a good one."

Damned near amputated my tongue.
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But since I haven't heard about this elsewhere and the consequences are dire, it's Stalking Awareness Month

In particular, please note: A 10-city, nationally representative study of female homicide victims conducted in 1999 indicated that 76% of female victims of intimate partner homicides were stalked by their partners before they were killed.

This is not a minor thing. If you or someone you know is being stalked, please never dismiss it as 'nothing big'. Get help. I want every single one of you healthy and alive for years to come.

RIP, Rebecca Griego.

Heath :(

Jan. 22nd, 2008 07:05 pm
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This is just wrong, RIP...
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1. Sent Kieran off to Grandma's
2. Checked out humongous Burlington Costco. Waffle fries!!!
4. Received my State certification so I can be employed as a verified srs librarian.
5. Going out to dinner with my beloved soon, alone. Still such a novel concept.

* 20 grains per click = 10,000 grains = ~1/3 pound of rice from ad revenue. Well ok that wasn't all done today.
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It is not often that I pine over things from the past that no longer exist although I will confess pining for the fjords! burst out of me for some inexplicable reason in the bathroom yesterday.

There are a few long lost loves where a sudden recollection of them can cause me to sigh, perhaps even to shed a tear or two.

However, this one reappeared this morning and provoked instant love, probably some lust, attraction, tears, and a triumphant YES!! YESSS!! OMG YESSSS!!!!!

I'm certain my beloved understands.


nt smrt

Jan. 12th, 2008 06:17 pm
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Despite over 6,000 grains of rice, I cannot level past 43 over at FreeRice. Grr. Then again Kieran can be mightily distracting...

In other news, my degree hasn't posted to my transcript even though my final grades did. I suspect a disconnect between the graduate school (I have copies of paperwork showing everything cleared there) & the registrar's office that I am, in fact, done. Hopefully this is easy to remedy on Monday so I can soon be certifiable, even though we already know I am anyway.
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[Error: unknown template video]
So here I am, minding my own business, and out of nowhere the audio for Alpiner popped into my head.

Skunk farts (not displayed in this clip) are the worst and the 'look out!' voice can be incredibly sarcastic. I also (still) see an image of some French guy facing right with long hair in the initial mountain graphic when the game starts up. Why he's French, I have no idea. Ask my 4th grade self.

I also have no idea what triggered this in my brain, but I'm glad there's YouTube so I can hopefully cycle the audio back out soon.
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On New Year's Day 1998, I woke up early as usual and looked around a house full of passed out people in north Seattle. Some of you were there, some of you weren't, and I... needed to get moving to think for a while. I jumped in my rental car, went to fill up the gas tank, and began driving without a clear destination in mind.

I ended up in Ocean Shores, over 140 miles away, but only stayed there for a few minutes before driving back to Seattle.

Why so soon when I adore the ocean and it takes forever to be able to see it in Washington?

Because for the life of me, I could find neither my shoes nor socks in the sea of slumbering humanity so I took off without them.

I do not recommend driving hundreds of miles or walking on a blustery and rainy Washington beach barefoot in the dead of winter. Getting gas at the station wasn't so fun either.

I've never been back again until today )

Bonne année 2008, mes amis.
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"So, now that you've graduated, what will you do with all your spare time?"

The answer )
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Interesting that as soon as I read this, Kieran wanted me to come over in the kitchen to see what he spelled on the fridge. I beheld in all its glory:


What omen this has for the new year, I dare not say.

He's now sounding out how to spell OINK.
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The best use of the 2007 Word of the Year I can come up with.


Dec. 5th, 2007 08:06 pm
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Sunday, my kitty died. Monday, our house flooded. Yesterday was pretty nice, considering we were still in shock.

Were we done?

Oh hell no.

But wait, there's more )

An entire floor of wet carpet & padding is out of the house and in a dumpster. There is no way in hell we are EVER recarpeting down there; large area rugs and pads for us, thanks. Dehumidifiers and blowers are sucking electricity at alarming rates and emergency mode is over. There are some uncertain variables, such as if the wallboards are salvageable and if we will be in Texas next week.

'pop'. Does not compute.

Again, thank you all for support and help! We're probably in a holding pattern for a few days.
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I am thankful we have the upstairs half of our house to live in. I have no clue when the downstairs half will be habitable again since it is 100% trashed and the water keeps coming in, but many in the state have it far worse tonight.

Thank you all for your support. I am beyond thankful for the two shoves towards 'sane' from [ profile] spaceling (stuff schlepper, Home Depot shopper & navigator extraordinaire) & [ profile] tim_wright (catsitter for a severely traumatized Tori & provider of tasty cookies), and several connections with a sump pump and wetvac although it's a pointless battle now. A river runs through it all in addition to the ocean in our backyard.

My advisor is now taking care of everything related to Texas for me. She refuses to allow me to discuss incompletes; she will talk with everyone on my behalf, see grades posted, and I can make up the work later. I then began to cry and she told me she loves me.

I have entered a time and space where I set out from one room with a mission then forget what it is I'm doing within 2 seconds. I cannot stop shaking.

Kieran did remarkably well considering we turned his home life upside down today. He insisted on doing his homework and only got whiny toward the end when he was clearly tired, then fell asleep promptly with my laptop playing some Enya to drown out the ruckus from downstairs.

I should probably try to do the same.
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As if yesterday wasn't enough to handle, about 80% of our finished basement is now a loss.

Likelihood of leaving to go to my graduation in 9 days is rapidly dropping to zero.

Debating calling my advisor, declaring insanity, and taking incompletes.

I cannot cope.
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Twilight April 24, 1997 - December 2, 2007 )

This was not remotely expected. My baby :(
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Tempting. Very tempting.
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From Kieran )
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My internship office hours have ended but I'm wrapping up my state pages from home through the end of the month.

For the category of entertaining demographics (and believe me, I have waded through so many variations of statistics and demographics for 5 states that I want to scream), Alaska wins for animating theirs. I can't decide if they are now voluptuous or a violin after having a rather naughty male protrusion during the 1970s.


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