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We watched Lise de la Salle in concert on Wednesday night complete with wine & hors d'oeuvres afterward, and this morning I immediately scoffed at the Times' review mentioning her encore of "Rachmaninoff". What kind of 'music critic' do they have on staff?!

In a rather major French faux pas, she was wearing the same outfit in this video that evening. The skirt was floor length with many folds of fabric and absolutely stunning, as were the Schumann Etudes. What I do not understand is how someone can play an intense recital for almost two hours with those cuffs, especially Rachmaninov for an encore...

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Ah, l'amour. This & dinner out was our early celebration; de la Salle is releasing a new CD on our actual anniversary next week & I preordered that along with a highly acclaimed one released on my birthday a few years back. Kieran came back from my mom's house yesterday after being gone since Monday, I took today off work, and we've all enjoyed the week of sunshine and kicking back a bit more than usual.
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My husband wore this bout 6 years ago today, I made the silly clay models when we got our wedding proofs back.

True relaxation is two sessions in a jacuzzi at a 5 diamond hotel, not to mention our first night away from Kieran ever.

No way in hell it'll be 3.5+ years til the next night, believe me.
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Tons of anniversary mush )
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Do I look the same to you? 'Cause I don't feel so.
You know everything must change as time goes by.
Though it feels like yesterday when we first met.
I feel I'm sinking deeper.
Do you look the same to me? Well, I don't think so.
You know everything must change as time goes by.
Like the flowers that dry, locking inside
forever their beauty.

And they said this feeling fades,
it gets stronger everyday.
And they said that beauty fades.
You're more beautiful than ever.
They said we'd drift away,
we're still standing here.
And it feels like everyday is our anniversary.

Well, I stumble through the dark and light a candle
and the path the wax will take, no one can know.
And you said it looked like snow or maybe clouds,
and I think it looks like heaven.

So we make it into a ring and make a mold.
And we welt above the flames the whitest gold.
When hot and cold collide what's left in place
is forever and ever.

Some say things worth having take some time.
As they get older they get better.

Four years. I have a feeling the time flying by will be as incomprehensible at our fortieth as it is today.
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The past few days have been a complete blur, and I'm trying to catch up with all the online stuff I've let slide.

Too much to explain, so let me sum up: Kieran has been a total hellion, screaming & not wanting to nap or do much of anything. Hopefully this means teeth will break through soon because 'this too, shall pass' is being worn awfully thin. He is still adorable & lovable through it all... and extremely mobile since he started crawling the morning of our anniversary.

Kieran's website & my business website are both down indefinitely. We thought it was a virus at first but that would be too easy... looks like some sort of hardware failure from the odd clunking noises it makes before launching into perpetual reboot or crashing. Will take a while to figure that out, at least we're online again after being offline since sometime around 2:30 on the 26th.

I haven't been at work much lately, which is not a good thing. Too many meetings & classes on campus = huge backlog looming on my desk to tackle later today.

Oh yeah, our third anniversary.... *smile* Nothing that anyone else would think was all that special/unique was part of celebrating it, but one thing comes to mind. I shimmied into an outfit from our long-ago clubbing days to surprise Ryan when he got home from work, and wistfully sighed that I didn't fit in it as well as I did over 4 years ago.

He said 'No, you're sexier than ever..' (I scoffed) '..because I love you so much more than I did back then.' I almost cried.

And that's what really matters, despite being so exhausted by dealing with over 20 pounds of cranky baby that we all fell asleep by 7pm that same night.


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