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One of my good friends gave birth to a beautiful baby boy today, nicknamed Cajun due to her insatiable cravings involving 'Slap Ya Mama' and other Cajun seasoning on just about everything throughout her pregnancy. Last night I sewed for the first time in I'm not sure how many months so I could send him his auntie blanket on his birthday. Yay baby! I cherish everyone else's newborns while simultaneously rejoicing that I don't have to go through those rough times again.

Also, my office is all in a tizzy over Anna Nicole Smith's death.

Strange combo.
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33rd birthday.
I see a new horizon
of Texas hold'em.
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Thank you to my wonderful friends both far & near who commented, emailed & called to wish me a happy birthday, for I truly did even though my team lost. Again. *sigh*

I have a 40 minute window between when I get home from work & I have to commute to class twice a week, and of course last night was one of them. I briefly entertained the idea of skipping class (a rarity for me now), but it was a good thing I didn't because we had a pop quiz worth 10% of our grade. We'll see if my BS essay writing skills spare me, I only managed to finish this week's reading in one of our two texts.

It's all about the cake )

My mother-in-law bought me something I have wanted for many years and never told anyone about: a May bone china teacup & saucer with lilies of the valley painted on it. I was so touched & really enjoyed my morning tea today, I'm going to make it a habit to pick out one of my (non antique) teacups to have at least some tea in instead of automatically pouring it all into a commuter mug.


May. 17th, 2005 09:36 am
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Best birthday present work has ever given me: sending my job reclassification to the final level of bureaucracy today with a written statement to expedite processing since the middle level took so long.

I also received a very unexpected present from someone who has been gone for quite some time that pays for my last 5 classes & books.

I am incredibly grateful.


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