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"So, now that you've graduated, what will you do with all your spare time?"

The answer )
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The best use of the 2007 Word of the Year I can come up with.
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Oct. 25th, 2007 07:53 am
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My letter from the graduate school confirming admission to candidacy for my degree arrived earlier in the week.

An email with a subject of Preview: Your letter is in the mail that I'd normally think of as spam with the exception of who it was from (at 2:46 am Central?!) stated:

Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have come to fruition. You have passed the Capstone Experience examinations. If you have met all of your other academic requirements, you will graduate in December 2007.

Just in time, as throughout the week I've had the urge to rip people's heads off for no apparent reason increase to a barely controllable level.
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For all y'all who fly, even once in a blue moon: Yapta.

I booked airfare for the 3 of us and my mom for graduation 10 days ago (wishful thinking combined with realism) because I noticed the price was starting to creep up along with limited availability due to the holiday season.

I just received notification that the price plummeted.

By how much?

Enough that I'm about to call for my $450 electronic travel voucher good for 1 year.

Hellooooo Disneyland airfare for the 3 of us next year. I am ecstatic.
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I can do this.

That which does not kill me makes me certifiably insane a time bomb of stress psychotic want to throw my laptop out the window followed by every textbook I own ...stronger?
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I finally have the stupid piece of paper I went back to school for two years ago. It's tiny and not signed by the governor (this disappointed me, Reagan signed as the governor on both my parents diplomas) but it's
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If my grandmas were still alive today, I know they'd have wanted actual (not email) pictures from graduation to share with their friends and all those degrees of cousins and great aunts & uncles you never see much of.

Then, there's my grandma's 79-year-old cousin, whose website I found last year by Googling the name of the town in Germany where my great-great-great grandmother was born.

She took the jpgs I sent her (including the one of our 3 generations by the university library sign with our common name connection on it for fun), asked me to write about graduation & my college education story starting back at SSU, made a graduation webpage about me to include on the huge family/genealogy site, then emailed hundreds of various degrees of cousins on the family email list the URL.

I still have to help my mom navigate email sometimes.
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In our guest room is a sampler my great grandmother cross-stitched well over 50 years ago of 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life' It has a different meaning for me in a today that is less than an hour old it has at any point before.

I went through commencement expecting it to be the standard 'end of school, beginning of a new life of opportunity, yadda yadda'... and it was. It was also a prism through which I took a look at the rest of my life and was a little surprised at the spectrum it revealed.

Time for some overhaul & rebalancing along the lines of when I packed up life in 98 & went back to school in 03. Risk and potential failure are substantially less scary now that I know for certain what's at the core.


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