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On New Year's Day 1998, I woke up early as usual and looked around a house full of passed out people in north Seattle. Some of you were there, some of you weren't, and I... needed to get moving to think for a while. I jumped in my rental car, went to fill up the gas tank, and began driving without a clear destination in mind.

I ended up in Ocean Shores, over 140 miles away, but only stayed there for a few minutes before driving back to Seattle.

Why so soon when I adore the ocean and it takes forever to be able to see it in Washington?

Because for the life of me, I could find neither my shoes nor socks in the sea of slumbering humanity so I took off without them.

I do not recommend driving hundreds of miles or walking on a blustery and rainy Washington beach barefoot in the dead of winter. Getting gas at the station wasn't so fun either.

I've never been back again until today )

Bonne année 2008, mes amis.
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Oh how lovely it is to not have work this week! Normally we'd be in Victoria BC but I have too much group project work in progress/due this week and let's face it; classwork while on vacation means it's not a vacation. If anything it's worse because you're stressing about how to get it all done while simultaneously trying to do the vacation thing. Ah well, there's next spring.

We were at my mom's for a long weekend, and had both a bonfire complete with roasted marshmallows for s'mores in her backyard and a brief & shining hour at our favorite tulip spot on Easter morning before the rain and massive numbers of tourists on buses arrived. Otherwise the weather was windy & soggy as usual so we really lucked out with the windows of time we had.

Why we get there right when it opens )


Dec. 24th, 2006 09:39 pm
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Despite being rained out toward the end we had a great time at the zoo this morning complete with making crafts. Kieran did an excellent job singing with his double-sized (morning and evening) choir in front of an insane number of people this afternoon. He was really into the entire service (how could you not be with singing and dancing glow angels?), and the look on his face when we lit candles around the sanctuary is one of those freeze-frame moments of life I'll always have. He could hardly wait to light our Advent wreath candles when we got home.

There's the presents, the Chinese food on our wedding china, toasting in some ancient Spode Christmas Tree goblets (Kieran got to join in with sparkling cider in our crystal), baking the Christmas roll for tomorrow's breakfast (massive pastry in a pizza dish, recipe from friends our first married Christmas), and setting out cookies & milk for Santa and apples for the reindeer (he actually fed a reindeer some apple yesterday, that was A Major Moment), then curling up on the couch all together to read 'The Night Before Christmas' before bed. He crashed hard & fast, poor tired and extremely excited boy.

What still makes me tear up the most despite all these wonderful things?
The answer )

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I made the song up, not my picture )

In part for a friend who wanted my writing for Christmas. Always be careful what you ask for ;)
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Email from my aunt in Colorado:

We are fine. Should be worse tonight, then maybe better by Thursday afternoon. Snow plow got stuck in front of the house today....slid and skid and spun for about 5 minutes before it got going. It is intense. We are safe and warm. Love to you!

Their best friends in CA couldn't fly out today to join them for Christmas :( All are very disappointed but thankful they didn't get rerouted inflight to who knows where since Denver is closed for the foreseeable future.


Dec. 18th, 2006 03:15 pm
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At least the people we sent the Olive Garden gift certificates to have postmarks before this was released.


Nov. 24th, 2006 10:37 am
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One of my favorite books when I was young was Little House in the Big Woods.

My mom now lives in the modern west coast equivalent; a little 3 bed/2 bath place surrounded by old growth cedars & firs, a non-flooding brook, misty mountains with a faint dusting of snow on top, and an almost disturbing lack of freeway/city/people in general noise although not too isolated either.

The 4 of us plowed through 1 of my 2 pumpkin pies in under 24 hours, and the free-range turkey was excellent. Today was our 6th annual Black Friday tradition at Freddy's (it's all about free donut holes for breakfast) where we scored everything from 20% off my husband's FFXII to 60% off a winter coat for Kieran complete with an accurate compass.

I'm not sure if it's more sad that I logged on to my classes yesterday afternoon, or that assignments due Wednesday night were already graded for me.

Hope all are well, safe, stuffed & warm.. snow in the lowlands Sunday & Monday?!
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I'm not all that surprised since it didn't smell like it was going to snow on the way home from my volunteer work yesterday plus it was still way too windy last night.

In other news, I now have an image enscribed in my mind when I hear Jr. Asparagus sing While By My Sheep of Kieran looking at his butt in the mirror while madly dancing in his Wiggles underpants. He continued dancing through the other songs in front of the mirror, and was so excited by this narcissistic display of joy that he forgot to go to the toilet and let loose quite the large puddle.

Thank goodness for hardwoods.

BBT Fudge

Nov. 26th, 2005 04:57 pm
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I know that somewhere in LJ I've previously explained that my mom & I renamed our holiday Festive Fudge recipe to Boobs & Bombs (B&B) Fudge on January 16, 1991 with the start of the Gulf War and the news that my mom had a suspicious looking breast tumor on the same day. It was too much for us to process, so we made fudge. Prior to that day it was sacrosanct to Christmas, but in addition to the holiday season it's seen my friends & I through many a pregnancy scare, death, hospitalizations & assorted other crisis situations.

On November 25, 2005 the two of us handled another crisis by making the fudge and renaming it to Boobs/ Bombs/Tree Fudge.

The story of the Black Friday tree )

After that, we made the fudge. The moral of the story is that I'm getting my mom more emergency supplies as part of her Christmas present after observing the underwhelming amount of communication regarding what could have been a very nasty situation.

So, how was your Thanksgiving holiday?
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These words from my childhood are on my mind a lot lately as Kieran & I explore the wonder of cutting Halloween cookie shapes into his sandwiches as we pack his lunch for preschool. He gets so excited about his special ghost, pumpkin, bat & cat sandwiches.

I always wanted to do fun things with my lunch when I was little, to no avail. Two days worth of cutouts is enough for a lunch sandwich for me, I've always been the weirdo who likes the crusts better anyway. I certainly don't care that it's not intact and rather enjoy the resulting holiday outlines. Creativity, fun & a bit of magic in my son's eyes are much more important.
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Thank you, my friends, for reminding me of the above yesterday in relation to the Orajel (beer, [ profile] le_merle? Well it could have been worse with straight whiskey I suppose). I have a tendency to hang out on online parenting forums that swing more toward uber-granola than I am. I may have gone to Granola U and steadfastly wear my Birks no matter how hard it's raining outside, but otherwise I'm about as un-crunchy as you can get when it comes to real life.

I had a major freakout this morning when Kieran's cheeks turned bright red for 15 minutes after feeding him carrots. I posted to one of the before-mentioned uber-granola boards... and they reminded me that red cheeks are a part of teething, which was further corroborated by a nurse I called. Oops.

The thing I'm most thankful for this year is obviously Kieran. I'm slightly sad this New Year's Eve in the fact that starting tomorrow I'll have to say he was born last year. Time has flown by way too fast. I just hope I don't mess up too badly along the way and seriously damage him. I know minor neuroses are a given, I survived mine from my parents (I think) and Kieran probably will too.

I wonder how on earth I'm going to swing this parenting thing for the rest of my life when I barely have a clue what I'm doing sometimes (i.e. overreacting about the carrots). Then Kieran looks at me with these adoring eyes, smiles with all he's got (I love how babies are completely unrestrained with smiles, it's sad that that trait vanishes when we're older) & laughs, and I don't worry so much anymore.
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..was incredibly busy considering my husband & I had to work the day before and after it. I don't like middle-of-the-week holidays at all, it's impossible to cram in all the festivities and as a result we're all a bit off schedule and cranky. Then again, Kieran's bottom left tooth is breaking through, so that's probably a contributing factor as well.

In any case, Kieran loves Christmas. Give the boy a wrapped present and it isn't too long before it leads to this:

Santa brought him a cool personalized teddy bear, and his first veggies (sweet potatoes) which weren't so cool:

And in the end we all celebrated happily ever after:
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From my aunt, who is now separated from a marriage that had lasted forever... My Christmas wish for you is for a lifetime of love and happiness. You so deserve it. I'm glad that you are happy and that you have been blessed with a loving relationship and a beautiful baby.

Yes, I burst into tears after reading it.

uh oh

Dec. 15th, 2002 01:56 pm
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I'm probably in big trouble with either of the big men upstairs (images of Jesus vs. Santa a la South Park come to mind) for what I did today. What happened? )

I did call in and apologize to their voice mail, and am watching a cranky Kieran while my husband treats himself to his geek movie (Nemesis) this afternoon. Does that help make up for it? Or am I on my way to someplace warm with the help of a lump of coal?
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I have to revise what I said yesterday. I'm now 1 pound away from pre-pregnancy weight and wearing my skinny jeans again. Not too bad considering my goal was to be back to normal by the time Kieran was 6 months old and he's just over 5 months. He must be gaining the weight I'm losing, at 5 months exact he was a little over 17.5 pounds but he feels heavier than that the past few days.

We're back on track for Christmas stuff, now all I have to do is stamp the cards and wait for orders to arrive & wrap up. Kieran is quite intrigued by the Christmas tree, it's a very good thing he isn't mobile yet or we'd be in big trouble keeping him away from the lights & ornaments.

Now if only it would start acting like winter around here... mild temperatures & sunshine is what I moved here to escape from!


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