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Smrt: LolCatThatIsABurrito. The semester would have been so much more fun if I could have done this instead, reading it out loud sent Kieran into hysterical laughter.

Not Smrt: Flinging rocks off an 8'x6' section of backyard walkway, chiseling weed-infested pansy landscaping fabric from previous owner out from under said rocks, putting down new SUPASTRENGTH landscaping fabric, flinging rocks back on. That took a full hour and I'm exhausted. Luckily the rest isn't nearly as weed-infested so I can feel much better about procrastinating and/or it'll take far less time.
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Earlier this month I was all excited about my lavender cleaning products. I open up the cleaning supplies/linen closet and have myself a good fix every day if I'm not cleaning something since I can't still can't get enough of it.

A few weeks ago I discovered it works as well as magic erasers on the Grime Above the Stove. If you think your kitchen is immune, climb up on your countertop and examine the cupboard doors up there (especially the top of the door itself) & where the wall meets the ceiling. It also cleans appliances well, but nothing beats the magic eraser for shining up porcelain sinks from coffee/tea stains.

Tonight was the major accidental discovery: it polishes silver!! I'm not kidding, I sprayed a cloth with it just to get some dust off candlesticks and the tarnish went right off as I rubbed. I then tackled a 19th century vase, a mirror, my mom's baby cup & a picture frame with the same surprising results. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy duty tarnish (I think I last polished in the summer) or anything with numerous small ridges but for general flat surfaces this stuff does the trick, isn't hard on your hands & smells yummy.
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The other day I was pondering why I don't clean as often in the winter as I do in the summer, and the answer finally dawned on me. I open almost every window in the house in the summer because I can't stand the smell of most cleaning products. With the price of natural gas there's no way I'm doing that and wasting heat in the winter.. hence, I avoid cleaning as much as possible. Part of it could be the fact that I am a partially hibernating lazybutt, but I digress.

I now have a new obsession for the new year: Mrs. Meyer's lavender biodegradable cleaning products. I literally sat on the bathroom floor last night for at least 20 minutes inhaling the calm goodness emanating from the porcelain and marble. I never knew a clean bathroom could lead to aromatheraputic enlightenment. They also work pretty well on the usual soap scum & grime, and another go-round with the toilet bowl cleaner might remove some hard water stains that significantly lightened yesterday.

So maybe lavender will mess up the Puget Sound fish just as cinnamon & vanilla do, but surely the lack of chlorine & phosphates makes up for it?
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I am in a house with 2 guys and no TV until after Christmas. The DVR receiver is history, DirecTV was rolling out software upgrades to fix a known issue and ours... fried as a result.

Kieran's taking it pretty well, although we were initially thinking of the 2 shows that he could take or leave for several days at a time. It wasn't until he came up to me with the saddest face ever and asked, "Can we still watch Wheel of Fortune, Mama?" that I realized the extent of the situation. Even then he took it in stride, but I felt awful. We'll check out the online game when it normally airs and see how that goes.

But hey, we have power. We have heat. We have a house not violated by trees. We don't have carbon monoxide poisoning. Life is awesome!
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Seven years ago this morning, I walked outside my apartment to be greeted by a police officer who asked, "Is that your car, ma'am?" It was broken into with the driver's window smashed out but nothing stolen. Other cars in the complex weren't so fortunate, so I considered myself lucky.

The scenario was most annoying since that was also the day we made the transition from apartment renters to homeowners and the parking situation is considerably more secure at our home.

I count myself luckier still that, despite a broken pipe and hot water heater, we have a durable and cute little place on a not-so-little plot (for the city) that is conservatively worth almost double what we paid for it. This year our principal will dip into the 5 digit range & be paid off by the time Kieran's a sophomore in high school, just in time for college. Yay!
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The cupboards above the fridge now open about 75% of the way, a vast improvement from just a few inches before. I wish I could say the same about my mind at the moment. I'm used to doing my job on autopilot, but not life in general.

I scared myself the other day when I realized that I'm coming up on five years of living here. Not only that, but I've also been working at the same place (although not the same job) since a few days after I moved here. That's completely unheard of for anyone my age, and I'm not sure what it means. Have I traded career challenges for complacency? I created two of the three jobs that I've done here, so that has to count for something, right? With Kieran here and the economy utter crap I'm not inclined to leave this safety net anytime soon, but I find myself wondering if it's time to move on once he's a bit older.


Jan. 21st, 2003 02:55 pm
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Good news: Fridge fits.

So-so news: Cupboards above fridge won't open very far.

We have a few things to try tonight when we're both home to see if we can fix that part, but worst case scenario we'll have to roll the fridge partially out (I love that it has wheels) each time we need to get in the infrequently-used cupboards. That is much better than no fridge at all, and I am a happy camper.
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We are beseeching the Appliance Gods to grant mercy upon us on Tuesday. The saga continues... )

We even get to look like hicks for a while because they don't haul our old fridge away, but the delivery team will leave it in our driveway then an appliance recycling center will pick it up for $12 later on. Thank goodness we have a huge driveway that isn't all visible from the road so our neighbors won't shoot us.


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