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Grandma's making great progress, she'll move out of the ICU to a regular room tomorrow morning. Par for course with the territory of having your sternum hacked open and heart prodded there are significant pain issues but she's doing better today with those today than yesterday. Hopefully that will continue.

I've set aside my normal laissez-faire approach with my inlaws (much to my husband's surprise) and been actively talking & researching for them. As horrible as this was to happen, it has 110% confirmed that I'm supposed to be in consumer health. High quality, unbiased, accurate and applicable (i.e. not full of medspeak) health information I'm finding and providing them that the clinicians aren't is making a real difference in their confidence and reducing fear.

I'm tired with that on top of my job, making sure my husband is ok with everything & taking care of Kieran more (husband's working some overtime with FY08 budget crap) plus two major deliverables for school (Monday & tonight). It's a 'yeah I'm making a difference for good' tired though. Either that or a 'my God this has been an insane month with OMGsnowcanIgetout?/Texas/school plans upheaval/family crisis in 7 days' tired. Both?
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I love misheard lyrics & always have. I said the pledge of allegiance to 'one God, invisible' until at least 6th grade, mangled assorted 80s songs (anyone else for DM's 'didn't buy a car, ended up on a life support machine'?) and find KissThisGuy an endless source of amusement.

Today marks the dawning of a new generation.

Kieran happily belted out a Wiggles song this morning, with a lyric that should be 'One little coyote (pronounced kai-yote, which has never sounded right to me) howling at the moon.'


'Uncle Kyle's howling at the moon.'

I didn't have enough time to grab the camcorder & digital camera, but immediately turned around & repressed serious laughter so he wouldn't think anything was silly or wrong. Hopefully we can tape a repeat performance this afternoon and send it to Uncle Kyle as well as my mother-in-law.


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