Feb. 12th, 2007 07:25 pm
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If I thought MeSH was a PITA that was nothing compared to UMLS & now CPT. I can tell this has all gotten to me because I wish I could flip through this but alas, too pricy & no library nearby has it.

After much griping and angsting (and asking him what are/how to explain ISA hierarchies and APIs) over the past few days, my husband finally asked what on earth I was doing with so much coding in school. I explained how I have to do 3 reviews of healthcare-related vocabularies/coding systems for an assignment due tomorrow.

Kieran, who was calmly eating dinner, overheard me saying 'healthcare' and picked up from my tone that I was less than thrilled about it. He loudly announced "I DON'T CARE EITHER!" How right he is.

Also, today's Death Cab For Cutie lyrics interpretation from him insists that soul meets potty.
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Mothers can bring baby formula on board, but only after drinking it in front of security officials first.

omg teh b0mb Do fathers with babies get to jet right on by without drinking that nasty stuff?

TSA has much more to fear if they tried to make me dump my Lush products today. I'm hoping for someone to stop the insanity before my happy self is on the way to Dallas.
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Why can I remember things like Kieran's height & weight measurements for the past 6 months and what percentiles they fall in, yet forget something like say... driving the car home from work? So how'd you manage that one? )

Between that and the Cake Emergency (another story for another post), I think I'm ready to call the holidays a wrap.


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