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This morning's breakfast was quite an interesting event.

Kieran: Ooh! Can I do my homework early for today?

(They have weekly assignment sheets, he saw that tonight's was about math including identifying the higher number in different sets.)

Me: Um, sure, as long as you finish your breakfast first.

Kieran: Ok!

Some time passes, and I notice Kieran's *really* studying his United States placemat as he eats.

Me: What are you looking at, sweetheart?

Kieran: Look at these tornadoes! (old crayon scribbles)

Me: That's some creative thinking!

Kieran: No, these are REAL tornadoes.

Me: Ok, we can say that they're real on your map.

Kieran: They start in Western Canada, then go to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. There are some in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut too. There's one in Pennsylvania, but not in New Jersey. Oh wait, there's one in New Jersey. I think there's one.. yeah in Maryland, and 1 in Virginia too. Oh yeah, North Carolina too. There aren't ANY tornadoes in South Carolina, Georgia or Florida though.

Us: *uh*
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My kindergartener is already taller than many of the first grade class students who are in the school library as I'm volunteering but he's currently on another growth spurt.

In the past these have always been noticeable by his mood (very contentious) and ribcage becoming more prominent but yesterday we had a rather interesting new sign.

He asked the yard duty lady to take him to the school cafeteria for breakfast as soon as he got off the school bus, not because we had forgotten to feed him but because he wanted a second one! He still ate all his lunch, an after-school snack, and about twice as much as he normally eats for dinner too.

Today I offered him a snack as soon as he woke up, breakfast, another snack after breakfast, and packed an extra sandwich in his lunch.

All was devoured but thankfully he didn't ask for another breakfast at school.

I wonder if we'll send him off to school with what would be a week's worth of food for me when he's a teenager.
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I just had one of the most extreme tests of my patience as a parent in modeling courtesy and respect.

Kieran's initial take on President's Day is that we'll all run for president on that day (we talk about voting and the election process a lot lately)

I explained that it was a special holiday set aside to be thankful for the good people who have been our presidents.

Kieran immediately replied, "Oh yes, and George Bush is currently our President and he is a good one."

Damned near amputated my tongue.
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Interesting that as soon as I read this, Kieran wanted me to come over in the kitchen to see what he spelled on the fridge. I beheld in all its glory:


What omen this has for the new year, I dare not say.

He's now sounding out how to spell OINK.
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Kieran's school is having a book sale, where the kids come in by class & during recess/after school to browse the various offerings then either write down the titles they're interested in and place orders or buy on the spot if they have the cash.

Any guesses what Kieran's only request was for?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Definitely not yet!

However, I've been mulling over having this Christmas be Kieran's first of a family tradition of hardcover series collections as presents. My aunt started me on one when I was around his age of black & tan hardcovers from various authors that I still have and read with Kieran. I still remember the anticipation of knowing another 'real' book was on the way for my birthday and Christmas, and still think of hardcovers in this way. Paperbacks are the fast food of literati.

The same aunt just agreed to buy the entire A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket) collection (13) at once to stagger for Kieran's presents over the next few years.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This will be immense fun to read both out loud as a family and for him solo. Kieran will read anything with pages in it, but we'll slow down and discuss these to build up his vocabulary and comprehension as well as talk about the darker side of the subject matter. We already have interesting conversations about death (over breakfast, even) and why people do bad things so this will tie in nicely.
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About damned time, I might add.

Kieran has woken up between 4-4:30 for 4 days in a row now. If we're not already there, we're approaching clinical insanity rapidly. Our guess is something with his circadian rhythms has been messed up with kindergarten because we can't identify any noise source that could be causing this although fall is coming. It may be time to haul out the lightbox again to see if that helps.
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Labor Day with no rain?! )
It's very strange to have Labor Day again be associated with the wistful sadness of the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. With the timing of college classes either starting before or way after the holiday, this taps into my own K-12 memories and I used to get extremely nervous. I remember little about kindergarten except reenacting Star Wars on the playground, hermit crabs, someone barfing during the Pledge of Allegiance, the day I tied my shoes by myself, and wondering why they had huge pictures in addition to words on a test. I wonder what will stand out for Kieran.

* circa 1999 WTO riots, the one near the bus tunnel was spray painted with this & Meat is Murder. We've converted others across the country to our terminology.
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Um, I saw the lunar eclipse. It's about the moon that turned orange, and then the Earth got out of the way. That's all.
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Where Kieran learned roshambo: "Off the hook", Comcast Housemates.

This was on during Wheel of Fortune tonight (yes, that is still our family life at 7pm). I turned and said, "Kieran, is this the commercial you learned rock, paper, scissors from?" He replied, "Well, yeah" with an unspoken *and/or DUUUH* implied by tone of voice.

I vaguely recall seeing it a few times before but I'm still surprised he picked it up so well from that brief blurb.
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6 am.

Kieran, running into our bedroom with his usual boundless energy: Hi Mama, Hi Papa!

Us: *bleary groans* Good morning, sweetie.

K: *makes a fist and starts tapping us*

U: What are you doing, honey? We don't hit people.

K: No, it's not hitting. Come out in the living room, there's something I want to show you guys.

U: Ok sweetie *stumble out*

K: Ok, this is a rock *fist* this is paper *flat hand* and this is scissors *scissors* We go 1-2-3 then each pick one and then someone wins.

U: *bemused grins* you're right, but where did you learn that from? Preschool?

K: No, I learned it from a commercial.

This has us stumped, has anyone seen a roshambo commercial on the air recently?
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Cause there's bugger-all down here on earth! )

Instantly hooked on Galaxy Zoo, where even I of absolutely no brain left passed the exam and now get to classify galaxies with Kieran. If I start thinking about this in depth it completely blows my mind... I get to sit here on the couch with my son and classify actual galaxies which haven't been seen by human eyes before. Unbelievable. Come join the fun! Most tend to be rather unexciting blobs but I've had several pretty ones cross my path tonight.
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Today was awesome, but in reality any day with Kieran is lucky to me.
Any day with him is my lucky day
I wish the rectangular dining room window wasn't so prevalent but luck isn't the same as perfection.
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Kieran was up at Grandma's house for 3 nights and didn't once ask about us except for the agreed-in-advance phone calls before bedtime. He is so getting sent up there more often now.

Grandma's pooped but had fun too. We enjoyed peace, quiet, each other, and the ability to sleep past 5:45 in the morning. It's certainly great to have him back home but I can't honestly say I missed him all that much. I guess this is a good sign for when he moves out for college?
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Man, this house is quiet when Kieran's about 75 miles away at Grandma's until the 4th of July. I can hear myself think but that's probably because of finals.
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The first step is admission, right? I bet a few of you have it too.

Tonight I sat on the couch and read for class and listened carefully for Kieran to settle down and fall asleep. Once he did I waited a few more minutes, then snuck in to give him a kiss. 'Happy birthday sweetie. I love you so much. Thank you for being a part of our lives', I whispered.

Then I hightailed it downstairs, grabbed a DDR dance mat, and did the rest of the easy songs on beginner mode we hadn't already gotten to. As and Bs on all, I have to kick myself up to basic mode now. I am so hooked on this damned game it's hilarious, but it's already resulted in some toning. IRC, the last comparable instant addiction I can recall, certainly never did that ;)
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Baby baby don't look back )


Jun. 24th, 2007 10:12 am
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Stop immediately if there is abnormal phenomenon in your foot )

Finally, the all-weather cure to insane amounts of 5-year-old energy & graduate school butt all at once!
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Blackle! via LIB.

We thought we had won the battle over Kieran's weekend stomach virus but we were wrong. Nothing much is going on at work today anyway so it's all good from home.

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Oh how lovely it is to not have work this week! Normally we'd be in Victoria BC but I have too much group project work in progress/due this week and let's face it; classwork while on vacation means it's not a vacation. If anything it's worse because you're stressing about how to get it all done while simultaneously trying to do the vacation thing. Ah well, there's next spring.

We were at my mom's for a long weekend, and had both a bonfire complete with roasted marshmallows for s'mores in her backyard and a brief & shining hour at our favorite tulip spot on Easter morning before the rain and massive numbers of tourists on buses arrived. Otherwise the weather was windy & soggy as usual so we really lucked out with the windows of time we had.

Why we get there right when it opens )
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First, if you're not currently watching it, take yourself back to Reading Rainbow in the 80s with LeVar Burton. Some celebrity figure narrates a book while the pictures fill the screen, they do some activities that are somewhat related to the story, then he talks about book recommendations with "but... you don't have to take MY word for it" and various kids give their own book recaps.

For a blissful (we stayed in bed) 45 minutes straight this morning, Kieran spontaneously did these for his books complete with some character introductions and basic plot summaries. He was a little readers' advisory service to his stuffed animals, although 'This is a GREAT book and YOU should read it!' was a rather common theme. I am so proud!


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