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Kieran had his first real dentist appointment today.

I say real because he's been there before as a toddler for an initial check (not all the 2 year molars erupted though), but this one involved use of all the noisy and strange instruments to polish teeth and squirt & suck water, a fluoride treatment, then an attempt at X-rays.

The hygienist didn't even want to bother with those, but the dentist apparently has concerns about the way his back molars came in & wants a better look. His 3-year-old mouth simply was too small even for the kid-sized bitewings though so we'll try that again next year. All else looked great with no cavities, much to my relief!

Everyone was impressed at how polite & cooperative he was, we were in & out of there in 30 minutes which included the time it took to schedule molar sealants on the extra preventative side. Pretty much everything is free under our dental plan so I'm all for it.

I went to a pediatric dentist when I was younger that had a lovely view of the old city cemetery out the windows, yet this non-pediatric one was substantially cooler. They let him play with all the instruments first, had special kid-sized dark glasses so the light wouldn't be so bright in his face, then gave him a 'Super Patient Award' token for the toy machine out front when he was done.

I think I'm jealous.
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Kieran is obsessed with knock knock jokes lately thanks to the influence of someone at preschool. Most of the punchlines make no sense (we've tried telling those, he looks at us like we're the stupidest people on earth) but we really have to work on his favorite before he tells it to Grandma...

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Peanut! (Only he kind of leaves off the t sound without a reminder)
PeanuT who?
Peanut on your head! hahahahaha!

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I swear physics laws concerning capacity & volume are being violated in the morning when Kieran wakes up and heads to the bathroom.


Nov. 1st, 2005 11:31 am
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Frankenbat )
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I was on my cell phone with a good friend when my husband called me at work for the usual post-preschool update this afternoon. He said that Kieran wrote his name all by himself today by tracing from a lightbox. This isn't news, as it's one of his favorite projects to work on from start to finish (getting out the materials, turning the lightbox on & off, putting everything away), but the fact that the results were complete & mostly legible is.

Of course I'm going to share the picture, I'm a mom! )

He's also bigger than one kid who will be 5 in November at preschool, most of the almost-4 crowd, and starting to get the hang of T-ball (lefty without question). It seriously feels like he should already be 4 at the rate he's developing in all aspects lately, with the exception of some wicked tantrums.
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Remember this from last week? I shot these yesterday because I figured nobody would believe me otherwise. Kieran was teaching my husband the proper alphabetical/geographical order of the states by midweek, all on a multi-colored placemat. The wood puzzle without the unique state colors is a recent transition as is pointing them out on his globe.

Kieran has a thing for older women, we're keeping him away from New Orleans anyway

All done, United States!

He's also well on his way to being trilingual with picking up Spanish at preschool while not losing the French I've taught him. He's still not much of a conversationalist, but we're seeing that starting to change in his interactions with us and others.

Thankfully Kieran still loves blowing bubbles in the backyard and having nightly dance parties downstairs (our latest is a half hour of Wolfsheim, complete with quasi-conga line) or I'd really be worried about how to keep him entertained. I never got into Schoolhouse Rock since TV was tightly regulated for me. If a 37-month-old can learn the 50 states this way in a week from a song, the CDs probably wouldn't hurt though.
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A long time ago in a universe far away (or so it seems), I was a nerdy almost-12 girl with Coke bottle glasses, braces & puppy fat singing in the city's honor choir on a hot day in May at the centennial celebration of the Crocker Art Museum. I still remember every word to the stupid song written to commemorate this event (All Roads Lead the Way to Crocker) and included in our performance that day was another stupid song called Fifty Nifty United States.

The plus side of the latter song is I know all the states in alphabetical order. Kieran has been fascinated by the United States lately and knows 8 Western states in addition to Madagascar, Australia & various oceans, but that's a different story. We've been talking about states for a few weeks now, but it never occurred to me to sing the states in alphabetical order before this morning.

That was a mistake.

200 states later, I then had the bright idea to point at each state as I sang its name.

That was an even bigger one.

Try sitting with a map of the USA, a list of the states in alphabetical order, and quickly point each one out while singing its name at a moderate tempo before 8:30 when your tea hasn't kicked in yet & you'll see what I mean.

And no, I am not singing the song for any of you people who know me in real life.
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We took Kieran to his second & last free movie (Madagascar) before he turns 3 next week. This was his only loud review in the middle of it, which not only cracked us up but I saw several other parents stifling giggles as well.

Of course the way Kieran knows this line so well is because he is definitely about to turn 3. Anywhere from 2-3 timeouts before 8 a.m. are not that unusual lately, although they're for yelling, throwing things & being rude when he's pissed off for not getting his way more than hitting. This kid has got once fierce temper, but strangely enough by about 9 he's settled down and is usually on an even keel the rest of the day. If he's not a morning person, I really wish he would at least sleep in past 5:30 and spare us all the resulting agony. Sleeping til 6:45 this morning was practically a miracle!

His grandma taught him how to record tracks on the Clavinova last week, which is a sequence of pressing the record button, playing, pressing stop, waiting for 'Now saving' to go off the screen, then he can play it back or record again. He worked off the internal memory for most of the week, but a few days ago he got frustrated with having just one recording at a time so I stuck a disk in. Since then he's recorded 17 tracks, and knows that Daddy recorded Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on track 2. He figured out playing a track back while switching the voice to something else (usually a drum set) and playing along with it, often for an hour at a time. We repeatedly try offering him other things like going outside to play, but 'No, more piano please!' is what we hear more often than not.

With this, numbers to 200 and reading words ranging from 'fox' to 'Washington', we've learned to not try and figure out what's ahead because he'll let us know what he needs when he gets there.
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Whoever came up with the 'terrible twos' was on crack.

As Kieran stands on the threshold of three years, we're beginning to wonder if we're going to survive the melodrama that seems to accompany this time. This morning's major meltdowns were a torn construction paper butterfly (made over a year ago) at 6:30 & dumping an entire bottle of bubble solution on my little lithodora in the backyard at 11:30. I'm amazed none of the neighbors called CPS by how much Kieran was wailing & carrying on outside.. or maybe my husband will get a knock on the door this afternoon, who knows.

Both situations were relatively easy to fix (I traced a new butterfly from the remains and put it on the old one's stick to 'fly' again & partially refilled the bubble bottle with a stern warning to not throw it again) but re-establishing emotional equilibrium took substantially longer. I'm hopeful my lithodora will be ok and know that somehow we'll make it through all this.. but ugh.
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Big boy time )

Mother's Day )

On the way to the zoo we passed by the cemetery and I was very moved by how many people were visiting with bouquets for their moms buried there. It made me hug my family a little bit closer & thankful once again that I broke a promise to my grandma that resulted in her seeing her son (after over a decade) before she unexpectedly died a few months later. You just never know.
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Between this incident 12 days ago and last night around 11pm that resulted in all of us being up til 1am, we aren't going to offer fish to Kieran again anytime soon. Last night's dinner was just some halibut, nothing rich like the smoked salmon, so we're calling it quits. Clearly he's either allergic to fish or something about it just doesn't settle well with him, poor little guy. He's perfectly fine this morning as usual though.

It's a good thing we all slept in til 8 yesterday morning (a miracle, we're all normally up & running by 6am), although we're all rather loopy this morning. Plans to go to the zoo didn't work out, but we picked out paint and supplies for the rec room (maize) and the guest room downstairs (light green). I bought 4 new spring tops and will soon order some new pants since I can never wear anything off the rack (except at Tall Girl, muy expensive) with a 35" inseam. "Tall" other places translates into highwaters at 32". Damned legs, my husband is 6'2" with only a 34"!

Now I'm trying to figure out the wording for my COM scholarship application when I'm not the typical daytime student involved in on-campus clubs and activities, blah blah blah. We'll see what I end up with.
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I was going to write and say how excited I was that Kieran actually loved some wild white king salmon smoked with a sweet glaze when he usually won't touch meat (except Chinese food chicken?!) of any sort.

Then my husband called me at work to tell me that Kieran threw up twice, mostly on him. My poor guys.

I certainly don't mind if Kieran grows up vegetarian, although he'll never be vegan because he's a huge dairy & eggs fan. While I'll continue offering whatever we're eating at meals, I'll never force him to eat something he doesn't want to. That was my natural defense while I was growing up with my green peppers allergy after all; I figure inherent dislikes are there for a reason & it's wise not to mess with them.
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Our HMO used to have a wonderful program where we had the support & help of a nurse trained in early childhood development for a year after Kieran was born. When he was one week, she did a test and pronounced him 'highly organized'. This meant that from the start, he could fixate on one thing & tune everything else out. We weren't too surprised considering how borderline OCD I am, but some days he rivals me in sorting/organizing everything possible into various categories.

The numbers story )

Reading for the 21st century )

I don't know if this is what comes with the territory of living in Seattle, or if my baby is a geek. God help me either way, this is uncharted territory as far as I'm concerned!


Jul. 31st, 2003 10:17 am
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All midterms & papers are over, and class last night just about killed all of us on the third floor of the Art building. It was stuffy & warm enough to begin with, but adding 25 bodies to the room made it far worse. About a third of the class bailed during break, then the prof had mercy on the rest of us and dismissed class a half hour early. It'll be really interesting to read over those notes to see if they make any sense at all.

Kieran is walking! When I got home from class we were watching him cruise the furniture, and Ryan commented how he'd definitely be walking by 14 months. I countered with saying that he could be taking just a few steps for a long time to come... then Kieran casually walked halfway across the room. He did a few more encores of up to 15 steps before bed, and this morning has gone the same length a few times.

Kieran never got sick, I feel fine, and now Ryan's home from work with a fever. We're apparently just screwed this summer for illness or something.
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So, to explain how Kieran made more than I do...

For fun, and because I'm a great fan of research, I signed Kieran up as available for infant studies at a university shortly after he was born. When spots open up in various studies and Kieran fits the demographics they're looking for, I get a call to see if we're interested. He has particpated in 3 so far, two visual and one hearing.

If you ever have a choice between two at the same time, go for the hearing study. Their stipends are amazing, and you get to kick back and listen to music (I chose U2) on headphones while researchers entertain your baby for you. Rough way to earn that hourly rate, right?

One factor all the studies have had in common is that each researcher said Kieran has an amazing attention span, and he went through each test faster than planned (hence the high hourly rate on the most recent study). Should be interesting to see if this pace continues in future studies, although somehow I doubt they'll will ever pay him that much to attend classes in the future!
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Thank you, my friends, for reminding me of the above yesterday in relation to the Orajel (beer, [ profile] le_merle? Well it could have been worse with straight whiskey I suppose). I have a tendency to hang out on online parenting forums that swing more toward uber-granola than I am. I may have gone to Granola U and steadfastly wear my Birks no matter how hard it's raining outside, but otherwise I'm about as un-crunchy as you can get when it comes to real life.

I had a major freakout this morning when Kieran's cheeks turned bright red for 15 minutes after feeding him carrots. I posted to one of the before-mentioned uber-granola boards... and they reminded me that red cheeks are a part of teething, which was further corroborated by a nurse I called. Oops.

The thing I'm most thankful for this year is obviously Kieran. I'm slightly sad this New Year's Eve in the fact that starting tomorrow I'll have to say he was born last year. Time has flown by way too fast. I just hope I don't mess up too badly along the way and seriously damage him. I know minor neuroses are a given, I survived mine from my parents (I think) and Kieran probably will too.

I wonder how on earth I'm going to swing this parenting thing for the rest of my life when I barely have a clue what I'm doing sometimes (i.e. overreacting about the carrots). Then Kieran looks at me with these adoring eyes, smiles with all he's got (I love how babies are completely unrestrained with smiles, it's sad that that trait vanishes when we're older) & laughs, and I don't worry so much anymore.
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Kieran's first tooth began popping through on the 23rd, and the second one started yesterday. I feel so bad for the little guy because he scowls and smacks his mouth before letting out a confused whimper when they're really bugging him, and sometimes can't nap at all before I numb his gums a bit.

I hate doing that, I'm not a huge fan of medications in general but even less of a fan of my baby being in pain when I can do something about it. My rationale is that less gunk gets absorbed in his system from the Orajel than giving him a full dose of Tylenol which takes a half hour to kick in anyway.

Even the gel isn't enough for him to sleep well at night though, so we're all pretty dead these days. If I seem even less coherent than usual, now you know why!
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Why can I remember things like Kieran's height & weight measurements for the past 6 months and what percentiles they fall in, yet forget something like say... driving the car home from work? So how'd you manage that one? )

Between that and the Cake Emergency (another story for another post), I think I'm ready to call the holidays a wrap.

He did it!

Dec. 15th, 2002 02:03 pm
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And now for something completely different, Kieran has finally figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy. I was starting to worry because he's supposed to be able to do that by 6 months, which is Christmas Day. He rolled from tummy to back insanely early (11 weeks) so we thought we were in for it... but then he didn't go anywhere. He isn't too interested in taking over the house quite yet, but we're saving boxes to pack up everything upstairs fairly soon once he does.

We also managed to go out on a *gasp* date last night for the first time since Kieran was born. Cracked me up that my husband was more freaked out/worried than I was, but then again it was my mom who watched him. Felt very strange to be in a restaurant without a baby carseat balanced on a chair or booth nearby, but also kind of nice at the same time. Of course Kieran was fine, slept the whole time we were gone without a peep out of him. Maybe next time we'll be brave enough to leave before his bedtime?
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My big boy is eating cereal now, not very well quite yet but he's figuring it out pretty fast. I have no clue where the past 4.5 months and my tiny little newborn went, and have a hunch I'll be saying the same thing about the next 4.5 years and beyond.


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