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This morning's breakfast was quite an interesting event.

Kieran: Ooh! Can I do my homework early for today?

(They have weekly assignment sheets, he saw that tonight's was about math including identifying the higher number in different sets.)

Me: Um, sure, as long as you finish your breakfast first.

Kieran: Ok!

Some time passes, and I notice Kieran's *really* studying his United States placemat as he eats.

Me: What are you looking at, sweetheart?

Kieran: Look at these tornadoes! (old crayon scribbles)

Me: That's some creative thinking!

Kieran: No, these are REAL tornadoes.

Me: Ok, we can say that they're real on your map.

Kieran: They start in Western Canada, then go to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. There are some in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut too. There's one in Pennsylvania, but not in New Jersey. Oh wait, there's one in New Jersey. I think there's one.. yeah in Maryland, and 1 in Virginia too. Oh yeah, North Carolina too. There aren't ANY tornadoes in South Carolina, Georgia or Florida though.

Us: *uh*
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My kindergartener is already taller than many of the first grade class students who are in the school library as I'm volunteering but he's currently on another growth spurt.

In the past these have always been noticeable by his mood (very contentious) and ribcage becoming more prominent but yesterday we had a rather interesting new sign.

He asked the yard duty lady to take him to the school cafeteria for breakfast as soon as he got off the school bus, not because we had forgotten to feed him but because he wanted a second one! He still ate all his lunch, an after-school snack, and about twice as much as he normally eats for dinner too.

Today I offered him a snack as soon as he woke up, breakfast, another snack after breakfast, and packed an extra sandwich in his lunch.

All was devoured but thankfully he didn't ask for another breakfast at school.

I wonder if we'll send him off to school with what would be a week's worth of food for me when he's a teenager.
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From Kieran )
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Kieran's homework assignment tonight:

Help a grown-up in the kitchen by helping make dinner. You can pour, mix, measure, roll, etc.

Uh huh, right. Tuesdays are my packed day with regular job plus even longer internship hours; those nights consist of straight from freezer/fridge to microwave. Tonight's example was leftovers from KFC.

So now I can blame Kieran's teacher for making us have to bake brownies tonight, which took care of pouring, mixing & measuring in the kitchen. Oh the humanity. Dessert is part of dinner, right?
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Kieran's school is having a book sale, where the kids come in by class & during recess/after school to browse the various offerings then either write down the titles they're interested in and place orders or buy on the spot if they have the cash.

Any guesses what Kieran's only request was for?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Definitely not yet!

However, I've been mulling over having this Christmas be Kieran's first of a family tradition of hardcover series collections as presents. My aunt started me on one when I was around his age of black & tan hardcovers from various authors that I still have and read with Kieran. I still remember the anticipation of knowing another 'real' book was on the way for my birthday and Christmas, and still think of hardcovers in this way. Paperbacks are the fast food of literati.

The same aunt just agreed to buy the entire A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket) collection (13) at once to stagger for Kieran's presents over the next few years.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This will be immense fun to read both out loud as a family and for him solo. Kieran will read anything with pages in it, but we'll slow down and discuss these to build up his vocabulary and comprehension as well as talk about the darker side of the subject matter. We already have interesting conversations about death (over breakfast, even) and why people do bad things so this will tie in nicely.
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That's about all I could think of as I attended my first PTA meeting tonight.

Thank God we don't do all the fundraising crap I see too often from schools, we have 2 things and do them really well. Have you heard of a PTA raising $48K from a single event before?

This is going to be fun. Help is desperately needed at the school library so that was a given job for me, although I think the librarian is more thrilled about my current education than I am because she wants to know all about what I'm learning. Kieran now loves the bus so much that I can juggle things around to be there an hour a week after work and he won't even notice because I'll be at the bus stop as usual to pick him up later.

The librarian's name is also Marian. For real. I thought she was joking at first and did my best to not laugh although I did manage a smirk.
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Labor Day with no rain?! )
It's very strange to have Labor Day again be associated with the wistful sadness of the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. With the timing of college classes either starting before or way after the holiday, this taps into my own K-12 memories and I used to get extremely nervous. I remember little about kindergarten except reenacting Star Wars on the playground, hermit crabs, someone barfing during the Pledge of Allegiance, the day I tied my shoes by myself, and wondering why they had huge pictures in addition to words on a test. I wonder what will stand out for Kieran.

* circa 1999 WTO riots, the one near the bus tunnel was spray painted with this & Meat is Murder. We've converted others across the country to our terminology.


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