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That's about all I could think of as I attended my first PTA meeting tonight.

Thank God we don't do all the fundraising crap I see too often from schools, we have 2 things and do them really well. Have you heard of a PTA raising $48K from a single event before?

This is going to be fun. Help is desperately needed at the school library so that was a given job for me, although I think the librarian is more thrilled about my current education than I am because she wants to know all about what I'm learning. Kieran now loves the bus so much that I can juggle things around to be there an hour a week after work and he won't even notice because I'll be at the bus stop as usual to pick him up later.

The librarian's name is also Marian. For real. I thought she was joking at first and did my best to not laugh although I did manage a smirk.
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Think there's no way my world of medical librarianship and Harry Potter could intersect?

Not nearly as fun as seeing the exhibition of those ancient alchemy tomes in person at Bethesda, but the short online pages of Do Mandrakes Really Scream?: Magic and Medicine in Harry Potter (brought to you by the National Library of Medicine) offer some great blurbs and images. I'm particularly fond of the fish bishop.
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In one case, they reported, "a 28-year-old woman had nightly sexual moaning and sexual fondling during sleep for 16 years that would appear within 20 minutes of falling asleep and disturb the sleep of her husband and children."

One problem: do the math and this is a bit disturbing. I'm too pooped to go to the original source article to check but had to jot down this quote.
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Smrt: LolCatThatIsABurrito. The semester would have been so much more fun if I could have done this instead, reading it out loud sent Kieran into hysterical laughter.

Not Smrt: Flinging rocks off an 8'x6' section of backyard walkway, chiseling weed-infested pansy landscaping fabric from previous owner out from under said rocks, putting down new SUPASTRENGTH landscaping fabric, flinging rocks back on. That took a full hour and I'm exhausted. Luckily the rest isn't nearly as weed-infested so I can feel much better about procrastinating and/or it'll take far less time.
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Blackle! via LIB.

We thought we had won the battle over Kieran's weekend stomach virus but we were wrong. Nothing much is going on at work today anyway so it's all good from home.

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Confession: In my dark past, I watched Married With Children way too many times.

When I saw via LIB about midomi, a database that tries to match up what you sing or hum in an audio file to actual songs, I immediately thought "finally! 'hmmm, hmmm, him' is solved!"

We went to the zoo this morning and they let out Hadiah, the new baby Sumatran tiger, to play in her display before the announced time. We stood with a very small handful of people for as long as we wanted watching a very playful cub pounce her stuffed tiger & zebra, trip over her huge paws and bounce off of/nuzzle the display glass. She is the most adorable 40 pound (according to her handler who weighed her this morning) bundle of bouncy goodness ever.

I'm still kicking myself that today, of all times, I forgot the camera. We will be back soon, and if you're in the area you have to go see her soon too. 3 bus loads of school kids from Victoria BC even came over for the BABY TIGER CUTENESS!
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First, if you're not currently watching it, take yourself back to Reading Rainbow in the 80s with LeVar Burton. Some celebrity figure narrates a book while the pictures fill the screen, they do some activities that are somewhat related to the story, then he talks about book recommendations with "but... you don't have to take MY word for it" and various kids give their own book recaps.

For a blissful (we stayed in bed) 45 minutes straight this morning, Kieran spontaneously did these for his books complete with some character introductions and basic plot summaries. He was a little readers' advisory service to his stuffed animals, although 'This is a GREAT book and YOU should read it!' was a rather common theme. I am so proud!
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That was the subject line to my husband about this job opportunity. It is a very good thing I'm not about to graduate because this is intriguing to both of us. Apparently this utter crap of a winter has gotten to us both more than we thought since we both swear we'd never leave the area, but our families would probably kill us for taking their grandchild away.

Living la vida expat! )

One can dream, right? If two of my lifelong friends insist on living in China & England at least I can one up them by going someplace more exotic!
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Seriously, tears from laughing over this and a Gutenberg to go.
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This just made my week )

Considering where I was at emotionally when I took that picture, then wondering if I stood a chance in entering a photo contest when I never have before & don't have a pro-quality camera, this is huge for me.
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80% of Americans are looking for health information online, but 75% of those people aren't really bothering to see just where that information is coming from (brand spankin' new source).

Teh G00gle is not the answer to health questions by a long shot, the consumer health search ranking assignment I did for my health sciences class showed the blatant commercialization weighting there.

Everybody now: MedlinePlus. There's Healthline as a search engine, but in light of yesterday's Pew report their sponsored content information doesn't sit too well with me.

Thank you, drive through.
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This public service announcement from Alaska brought to you by your future medical librarian, who is currently obsessed with evidence-based medicine (EBM). Cheers!
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Note to future self: someone has it out for Ballard librarians. Don't work there.

Having numerous helicopters circling for the past 100 minutes is making me extremely edgy.
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I swear I know the newspaper lady from somewhere. I am going to hell in a handbasket.

Brought to you by 3 hours of paranoia & nausea followed by a migraine that Vicodin can't touch.

I am a Spanish galleon sailing 'cross the living room for I have no feet.
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I didn't realize we had a legit windstorm battering Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates Sr. and company out of their tent; I thought it was just the Red Square wind tunnel effect amplifying freezing gusts as I went in pursuit of various books at the library.

Fewer things make me feel more stupid or full of self-doubt about my intended future career than trying to navigate the Suzzallo/Allen stacks in a timely and efficient manner.

This is so going to be me someday...
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Some déjà vu moments while reading The library book : a good book for a rainy day

Regarding our new extremist smoking law (is anyone really enforcing the 25 foot rule?):

"Here in the land of the free, you can't smoke anywhere. You can't smoke in picture palaces. In trains, you must smoke in a horrible little den in the back of a car... It is inconceivable to me that, in times of depression - times of enforced leisure - American library budgets are reduced. In England, on the contrary and, may I add, quite logically, library budgets are increased with economic downturns. Now where must I go to smoke my pipe?" ~ James D. Stewart, head of Bermondsey Library of London, during a speech at the Seattle Public Library in 1936. (page 48)

Regarding the Bill of Rights, my disgust with the USA PATRIOT act's effect on civil liberties, and why I want to be a radical militant librarian kicking the FBI around:

"In 1951 [McCarthy era], all Seattle city employees were required by state law to sign a loyalty oath. Library employee Jean Huot refused. 'I am unhesitating in my loyalty to the United States,' she said, 'but I believe that 'loyalty' by coercion is a menace to the freedom it purports to protect.' Miss Huot was fired."

"[In 1971], an FBI agent walked into the Central Branch with a list of books, and asked for access to the Library's circulation records. Head of Circulation Mrs. Verda Hansberry refused, citing legalities that require the Seattle Public Library to safeguard the privacy and personal freedom of its patrons." (page 52)

"If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas from more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all except the censor. We must know all the facts and have all the alternatives and listen to all the criticism. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty." ~ John F. Kennedy, 1960 (page 66)


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