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Oh Butteful For Spacious Skies

Tired but well, and still stuffed from an early dinner of the best seafood I have ever eaten in my life.

Yes, in Montana.

Yes, despite living in Seattle and having been to Hawaii 3 times.

The mahi-mahi with a lemon-ginger glaze topped with pears & lobster (it sounds bizarre but SO GOOD trust me) I had is actually fresher than many places in Hawaii. The chef is originally from Hilo and must still have strong connections because he buys the fish off the boats there on Mondays, it arrives on ice via FedEx in Montana on Wednesday, and OMG so good. Bless you, Frommer's or I never would have found this place in a million years.
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At this rate and with the loonies, I'm going to need Valium & a stiff drink to get on the damned SUV with wings in a few weeks.
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This is not the sort of thing I want to read about right now when I've had issues with that flying SUV to Montana for quite some time.
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Heh. Good timing for that headline since I read the Weekly World News will cease print publication soon. It's difficult to put together 'aggressive squid' and 'Humboldt' though...

In other news, my Montana airfare plummeted $132. ♥♥♥Yapta! Still keeping my fingers crossed the turboprop will not do likewise.

I am dead save for caffeine and Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate bars. In 7 days I've visited 5 libraries 7 times and learned that I seriously underestimated the amount of energy my internship would require in addition to work/school/life. On the positive side, everyone is somewhat floored at both the pace and depth I'm acquiring background research information & learning the infrastructure. It should hopefully level out soon before I drown in an ocean of coffee and Diet Pepsi.

Oh my.

Jun. 19th, 2007 12:33 pm
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I'm not normally claustrophobic and have resolved my air travel issues with frequent trips to Texas, but the prospect of taking a Bombardier Q400 for a 2 hour flight to Montana this fall has just given me some serious heebie-jeebies.

The alternative involves transfers on bigger jets that result in twice the travel time at an additional cost. Guess I'm sucking it up.
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Conference - Day 4 of 4 (actually 2 days ago)

It would appear from the food offerings presented to us for meals and snacks that medical librarians live on vast quantities of cheese, fruit, and Diet Pepsi. I have no problem with these options, especially the latter, but I find the lack of chocolate highly disturbing.

Still debating if I want to go to the main meeting in Philadelphia next year & possibly bring along the family, but need the meeting website to be released next month first. I find myself... afraid of the East Coast for some reason & always have been, even during the only trip I had there to DC in middle school. Totally irrational, but there it is.

It's time for midterms. No one will hear much of anything from me til next week. Ciao!


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