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Our new car was so new that when I called our insurance company about it last week they were having trouble locating the VIN on whatever VIN-a-matic system insurance companies use to price rates accordingly. She said she'd call me back when she had it.

I was beginning to get slightly concerned until we received a call this afternoon apologizing for the delay.

The total damage for covering our new car & my trusty old Camry vs the 12-year-old Screechmobile + Camry?

A whopping $10 a month more.

And everyone kept trying to talk us out of ABS because we 'wouldn't need them on a small car', HAH!
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As bizarre as it sounds from homeowners, neither my husband nor I have ever owned a new car. He even has one up on me in buying a used car, as the two cars I've been involved with were 'Surprise, you're putting in 2K toward this $8K dealer test drive Corolla!' when I was in high school and inherited the other a little over 8 years ago.

Today we put a deposit down on one that is incredibly new (ship date was the 7th, invoice date just 2 days ago), all the specs we wanted (and then some) for invoice + $500 as documented through the Costco auto program with no dealer schmooze. Our credit union loan via payroll deductions is a reasonable APR for 100% financing plus no setup fees. There also aren't prepayment penalties for once we no longer have preschool tuition to pay this fall. YAYAYAYAYAY!!

The car is somewhere out of state though, and if the dealer negotiations don't work to get it here in a reasonable amount of time they'll just order one from the factory & let us know which way it'll go in a few days. We're in no rush since this is replacing our second small commuter car, but it's nice to know that we didn't have to budge on anything we wanted.

Kieran (who was incredibly well behaved with books the 90 minutes we were there) was a little perplexed why we weren't coming home with the new car today, but seemed ok with the news that it'll be here later on.

YAY NEW CAR!! We even get to take advantage of a college grad rebate!
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My mom came down today and she watched Kieran during a nap while we went for a little test drive on this beautiful non-rainy day. I've gotten her hooked on freezer cooking recipes so today's lunch of some ground beef cooked with my Texas salsa (Joe T's) and spices on freshly cooked tortillas (I'm not sure we can ever go back to stuff from the grocery store) with black beans & rice and lemon cheesecake for dessert was heavenly plus immediately split between us to freeze for later meals. Yay!

My husband & I confirmed that we both really like the new second car we're thinking of getting. I won the color standoff when my husband realized the one he liked on the computer is way too dark in person.

What was hilarious are the options that our sales guy, his manager, and some other sales guy tried to convince us of: for models 'in our area', you can either have power windows & doors but no ABS, or ABS and power doors but no power windows. Who in their right mind would want to deal with regular windows while willing to spend the $ for ABS?!

Enter immediate model upsell 'but look, this has all that...' attempt. Haha, no way, we easily & happily walked away once they realized they couldn't sway us. We submitted a request through the Costco auto buyer's program & found out their contact is not at the same dealership. I'm dying to see what the sales tactic contrast is.


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