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I'm not certain how or when, but somehow I will be involved in this. This resonates with everything I am and everything I'm currently being taught to do in health informatics.

I have a long history of speaking my truth to reality even when it makes no logical sense, so there it is.

Edit: This announcement falls in the same week of the anniversary I was accepted to graduate school, but before I had any knowledge of my health informatics fellowship. It was only because I tenatively decided on 'medical' as my course of study that I received the fellowship announcement & invitation to apply a few weeks after I was accepted.
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This is going to be one of those overhaul years. Much of it is already *censored*, the rest unintentional chi tossing (not chi square variety, feng shui) where my fingers were literally tingling from energy. Call it woo-woo but things happen when I follow what the house wants.

Add lunch at Chevy's, margaritas, Kieran taking a long nap, packing away all Christmas stuff & 4 loads of laundry and you've got a great mix of pleasure and productivity!
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Something I did has completely blown away many people who weren't expecting it. The coordinator said the news of my action was greeted by them with, "Excuse me? We have a WHAT?! Could you say that again?" and they are so surprised that they don't know what to do.

I am beyond thrilled and am writing this to remember this day and my reasons for it. That's all.
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In our guest room is a sampler my great grandmother cross-stitched well over 50 years ago of 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life' It has a different meaning for me in a today that is less than an hour old it has at any point before.

I went through commencement expecting it to be the standard 'end of school, beginning of a new life of opportunity, yadda yadda'... and it was. It was also a prism through which I took a look at the rest of my life and was a little surprised at the spectrum it revealed.

Time for some overhaul & rebalancing along the lines of when I packed up life in 98 & went back to school in 03. Risk and potential failure are substantially less scary now that I know for certain what's at the core.
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I'm sorry I couldn't return calls & kind invitations to go do more stuff this weekend, I promise to catch up after Thursday when I hand in my last paper of the quarter!

What was I so busy doing?

  • Lit a candle in respect yesterday & hung our new flag
  • Prepping, painting the majority of 400 sq. ft. (surface, the rec room is about 464 sq. ft. with a strange fireplace) then putting back together the majority of it by myself with the exception of moving the office desk, filing cabinet & bookcase. I ran out of energy last night to finish, but otherwise this is a major self victory since I've never painted anything by myself before
  • $100+ family shopping sprees at Lowe's, Costco & Fred Meyer ranging from shoes & pants to deck furniture & a shepherd's hook (my husband got a nasty glare with the 'hello, Bo Peep!' comment) for a glass hummingbird feeder
  • Assembling said deck furniture and putting up a temporary wire mesh barrier with my mom to keep Kieran in the backyard. The original plan of completing the fence & gate with my husband as Mom watched Kieran was derailed when my husband relapsed (again) & I kicked him out to get antibiotics already on Saturday morning
  • Being somewhat social *gasp* (my mom doesn't count) for about 6 hours including a Memorial Day BBQ that *gasp* actually had sunshine break through in time to eat outside on the new deck furniture! This is a miracle for Seattle
  • About 8 hours of gardening; clearing out spring bulb foliage, attempting to harvest compost (too soon: a very slimy & stinky mistake), spreading what compost was ready on our anniversary rose garden, husband mowed the lawns & I fertilized them (organic stuff, this area has made me very concientous about runoff), and weeding/pruning/mulching

    I'm actually not that tired, but I'm running off adrenaline since I just started my paper today. Oops.
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I'm still adjusting to that overwhelmingly crystal-clear perception of the world a new contacts prescription brings, especially since I haven't had that experience in over 7 years. Combine that with replacing our 6-year-old monitor with washed-out colors that was blinking a lot lately, and everything is bordering on sensory overload.

Not much else to say, studying a lot for my midterm on Monday and researching for my visit with a Lummi elder next weekend. I'm waiting for information back from my adviser on whether previous classes will be accepted for my anthropology minor or not, I need to know soon so I can figure out what my final two undergrad classes will be. I'll also apply for a COM dept scholarship just for fun since I have a 3.97 GPA and kick ass at essays. They issue over 20 so the odds are pretty good!
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I have been trying to write one entry after another the past few days and end up deleting all of them because none of them sound right.

Here's where I'm at:

  • Communication accepted my application, so I'm officially a double major with an anthropology minor
  • Might start graduate classes 3 months earlier than planned
  • I honestly like my job and enjoy working
  • I honestly like being a student and enjoy learning
  • I honestly like taking care of Kieran half a day then going to work and school the other half
  • Why do I feel so defensive about this when I, my husband & Kieran know it doesn't make me any less of a mom and nobody else's opinion matters?
Ah, the joys of not fitting into any nice maternal classification pigeonhole...

It's a go

Jan. 19th, 2005 01:55 pm
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I just got off the phone with the graduate program at Communications, they definitely accept people with the tuition exemption program and have in the past. She even said it would be to my benefit to note in my application essay that I am planning on using the tuition exemption program since the department wouldn't have to find funding for me!

If things go well, I'll start graduate classes the week of March 27, 2006 paid for in full (less a $30 fee, a graduate class is currently $1,963 including that fee) thanks to my employer. The caveat is that there is space available in the class on the third day of the quarter, but all of the graduate courses have space available in them now (3rd week of the quarter) so I'm not too concerned.

My mom isn't too supportive, but her focus is 'What would you do with that?' I made up some BS answer about getting into management, but the truth is I don't know & I don't care what I 'do' with an MA. I love learning & want to continue after I earn my BA in August, have a flexible part-time work schedule, and an opportunity to earn an MA essentially for free. I'd be incredibly stupid to pass this up, I know my future holds a lot less flexibility than what I have now.


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