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My internship office hours have ended but I'm wrapping up my state pages from home through the end of the month.

For the category of entertaining demographics (and believe me, I have waded through so many variations of statistics and demographics for 5 states that I want to scream), Alaska wins for animating theirs. I can't decide if they are now voluptuous or a violin after having a rather naughty male protrusion during the 1970s.
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Here's another one for my bizarre genealogy journey:

The librarian who sits to my right at my internship & I both have direct ancestors who were members of... the Knights of Pythias Lodi 41 lodge! w00t! The place only has 62,000 people today and it's rapidly grown even during my lifetime, we're not talking Sacramento or Stockton for those who are (thankfully, trust me) unaware of Central California demographics.

Hers was cited in a 1878 county history book she received via regional interlibrary loan while I staffed the information desk, very odd considering we live two states away, and mine from checking an online index of a 1923 county history book that my mom has stashed in a closet somewhere.
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Heh. Good timing for that headline since I read the Weekly World News will cease print publication soon. It's difficult to put together 'aggressive squid' and 'Humboldt' though...

In other news, my Montana airfare plummeted $132. ♥♥♥Yapta! Still keeping my fingers crossed the turboprop will not do likewise.

I am dead save for caffeine and Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate bars. In 7 days I've visited 5 libraries 7 times and learned that I seriously underestimated the amount of energy my internship would require in addition to work/school/life. On the positive side, everyone is somewhat floored at both the pace and depth I'm acquiring background research information & learning the infrastructure. It should hopefully level out soon before I drown in an ocean of coffee and Diet Pepsi.


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