Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:09 am
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Walking returns!
It makes no sense to me how we can go from this much snow at home to a trace at Kieran's preschool 2 miles away to completely dry pavement 2 more miles away.

At least we had fun )

Let me tell you how strange it was to go from that to a land where people were saying how cold it was and you're able to run around without a jacket in the same day.

Time to go in pursuit of campus parking, woohoo!


Mar. 1st, 2007 05:57 am
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Ok, so apparently the entire city doesn't have the 5" of snow that we do because convergence zone action has struck again. That should make getting to the airport a lot easier!
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.. is that I and my family can get safely to & from the airport tomorrow morning. DFW already had the repeat of hundreds of flights canceled over the weekend, same as just before I went in January when we also had ice/snow everywhere, and there is no need for a repeat at SEA.

Guess I should pack or something, but I'm distracted by the new French guy's voice in the guild...
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I have now lost track of how many snow days there have been this school year, but today has officially driven me completely insane with the conjunction of that + another payroll deadline at work.

Not again!

Jan. 15th, 2007 06:32 pm
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I'll admit I was skeptical about the whole additional snow forecast tonight/tomorrow since it was seeming much warmer... until I swear it dropped 15 degrees in the 50 minutes we were at Costco just now. If they close the schools again tomorrow I will cry. Where is our rain? Why isn't this ice melting off our streets? I didn't move to the Plains or the East Coast, I moved to a temperate zone dammit!

On the plus side, we and everyone else armed with Costco coupons happily swarmed their chicken alfredo and beautiful chrome 5 quart Crock Pots with Little Dippers. I intend to load the latter up with chocolate for dipping fruit and cookies in at every future tea. The Crock Pot is a major victory; I had an old small one that was functional but chickens and roasts never fit in it. My ex-husband also caused a very traumatic fire in our apartment with it (long story, no permanent damage) that I always thought about every time I used it (not as often as I'd like). It's definitely time to send all that out and begin anew!
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22 degrees, my @ss!

Second in a series where I step outside and know it's colder than the 22 degrees they claim it is.
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Email from my aunt in Colorado:

We are fine. Should be worse tonight, then maybe better by Thursday afternoon. Snow plow got stuck in front of the house today....slid and skid and spun for about 5 minutes before it got going. It is intense. We are safe and warm. Love to you!

Their best friends in CA couldn't fly out today to join them for Christmas :( All are very disappointed but thankful they didn't get rerouted inflight to who knows where since Denver is closed for the foreseeable future.
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I lovelovelove the differences between Australian/British/American English. I don't think I could say "wearing the yellow skivvy" 3 times in a matter of minutes without giggling. Yes, I know singular is a shirt and plural is that with underpants, but still.

Get well soon, Greg! Weird rare medical conditions you can't really do much to treat really suck.

In other words, thank goodness Kieran's preschool opened despite the school district's kindergarten being closed. I'm swamped with 'omg last day of open enrollment' but at least I'm armed with potluck lumpia.
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From my beloved: Ummm, did you send me an email with subject "omgblizzard!!!111!!eleventy!!"? I'm scared to open it and I can't get the properties for the email.

Edit later: outlook was really really slow when I got the email too... was worried it was an email worm spamming the office. Your subject is how geeks overreact online so it was surprising to see you use that format hehe. I had my browser open to the WoW website which is owned by blizzard... so it was a bit surreal getting an email from you at that moment using that subject.

I, too, can pose with the best(?) of the geek world.

It's always so entertaining to watch the competition to be the first employee to announce the arrival of snow here.


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