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Confession: In my dark past, I watched Married With Children way too many times.

When I saw via LIB about midomi, a database that tries to match up what you sing or hum in an audio file to actual songs, I immediately thought "finally! 'hmmm, hmmm, him' is solved!"

We went to the zoo this morning and they let out Hadiah, the new baby Sumatran tiger, to play in her display before the announced time. We stood with a very small handful of people for as long as we wanted watching a very playful cub pounce her stuffed tiger & zebra, trip over her huge paws and bounce off of/nuzzle the display glass. She is the most adorable 40 pound (according to her handler who weighed her this morning) bundle of bouncy goodness ever.

I'm still kicking myself that today, of all times, I forgot the camera. We will be back soon, and if you're in the area you have to go see her soon too. 3 bus loads of school kids from Victoria BC even came over for the BABY TIGER CUTENESS!
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It may seem ridiculous to be excited over such a tax small refund, but it means my meticulous pre-tax deduction calculations for Kieran's preschool tuition & adjusting our withholdings at work paid off to not give the IRS an interest-free loan at our expense.

Now, to tackle some stuff while everything is quiet until the rest of the household gets home early in the evening!
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Oh how lovely it is to not have work this week! Normally we'd be in Victoria BC but I have too much group project work in progress/due this week and let's face it; classwork while on vacation means it's not a vacation. If anything it's worse because you're stressing about how to get it all done while simultaneously trying to do the vacation thing. Ah well, there's next spring.

We were at my mom's for a long weekend, and had both a bonfire complete with roasted marshmallows for s'mores in her backyard and a brief & shining hour at our favorite tulip spot on Easter morning before the rain and massive numbers of tourists on buses arrived. Otherwise the weather was windy & soggy as usual so we really lucked out with the windows of time we had.

Why we get there right when it opens )


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