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We watched Lise de la Salle in concert on Wednesday night complete with wine & hors d'oeuvres afterward, and this morning I immediately scoffed at the Times' review mentioning her encore of "Rachmaninoff". What kind of 'music critic' do they have on staff?!

In a rather major French faux pas, she was wearing the same outfit in this video that evening. The skirt was floor length with many folds of fabric and absolutely stunning, as were the Schumann Etudes. What I do not understand is how someone can play an intense recital for almost two hours with those cuffs, especially Rachmaninov for an encore...

[Error: unknown template video]

Ah, l'amour. This & dinner out was our early celebration; de la Salle is releasing a new CD on our actual anniversary next week & I preordered that along with a highly acclaimed one released on my birthday a few years back. Kieran came back from my mom's house yesterday after being gone since Monday, I took today off work, and we've all enjoyed the week of sunshine and kicking back a bit more than usual.
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It is not often that I pine over things from the past that no longer exist although I will confess pining for the fjords! burst out of me for some inexplicable reason in the bathroom yesterday.

There are a few long lost loves where a sudden recollection of them can cause me to sigh, perhaps even to shed a tear or two.

However, this one reappeared this morning and provoked instant love, probably some lust, attraction, tears, and a triumphant YES!! YESSS!! OMG YESSSS!!!!!

I'm certain my beloved understands.

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While watching the Mariner's/White Sox game yesterday somewhere around the 4th inning, my beloved suddenly burst out with a distinct REO Speedwagon ooooooh Jeeeeeff Weaver, I hope he can make it to the NiiiIIInth!

I'm not sure if that or the way he busted up laughing when he looked over at whatever expression I had on my face was more amusing.
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Kieran was up at Grandma's house for 3 nights and didn't once ask about us except for the agreed-in-advance phone calls before bedtime. He is so getting sent up there more often now.

Grandma's pooped but had fun too. We enjoyed peace, quiet, each other, and the ability to sleep past 5:45 in the morning. It's certainly great to have him back home but I can't honestly say I missed him all that much. I guess this is a good sign for when he moves out for college?
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Spiraling downward healthwise, but at the same time the resulting lack of sanity filter makes for interesting discussions with my beloved:

lol someone posted in a thread with a graph of "dumb things to do" and eating at arby's was one of them. Now half the guild is talking about their 5 for $5 deals and how we are all going to get Arby's this weekend. Sound good for dinner? :)

MEEEEEEEEEAT. We just got some Arby's coupons yesterday too.

LOL that's going in the thread :P

MEEEEEEEEEAT or the part about the coupons? or both?

both :P I already made a coupon comment so it works well ;)

RU mockin mah kewp0nz?

ummm, do you need to see the doctor?

btw, my post quoted your MEEEAT comment and I finished with "My wife FTW!" hehe

Truth? I love that more than the notes he writes for me. It's not just the counterbalance to wife aggro, it's that he includes me in his WoW life. We always discuss and are aware of things going on in each others' online worlds which don't remotely intersect with or interest the other, but are involved in nonetheless without having to BE in it.

We are very much individuals *and* us. I worry about relationships that aren't and try to merge everyting into coupledom.


Dec. 24th, 2006 09:39 pm
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Despite being rained out toward the end we had a great time at the zoo this morning complete with making crafts. Kieran did an excellent job singing with his double-sized (morning and evening) choir in front of an insane number of people this afternoon. He was really into the entire service (how could you not be with singing and dancing glow angels?), and the look on his face when we lit candles around the sanctuary is one of those freeze-frame moments of life I'll always have. He could hardly wait to light our Advent wreath candles when we got home.

There's the presents, the Chinese food on our wedding china, toasting in some ancient Spode Christmas Tree goblets (Kieran got to join in with sparkling cider in our crystal), baking the Christmas roll for tomorrow's breakfast (massive pastry in a pizza dish, recipe from friends our first married Christmas), and setting out cookies & milk for Santa and apples for the reindeer (he actually fed a reindeer some apple yesterday, that was A Major Moment), then curling up on the couch all together to read 'The Night Before Christmas' before bed. He crashed hard & fast, poor tired and extremely excited boy.

What still makes me tear up the most despite all these wonderful things?
The answer )

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It's not a tumor!! (the joys of daytime holiday TV)

On a more serious note to the 20th century men of my family; thanks to Elmer & Clarence the carpenters, Bob & Martin fresh out of high school, and Willis who was attending Cal then drafted and shot down over France.

I will not take these things for granted.

Also, I agree with the twins.
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The things I do for my geek when I couldn't care less about WoW... )

For those who haven't met him before, this is Twilight.. the namesake of my journal and some sort of Russian blue mix. This picture was taken specifically for a guild forum thread. The rolled eyes attitude is about right.
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I think part of the reason the World Cup game pissed me off so much was that it shattered the beautiful place I was in.

We had an awesome morning, starting off with fresh biscuits topped with Sequim strawberries & whipped cream. From there we went to the park to play several hours of soccer and running around wild in general... and something dawned on me.

at least I finally had one of these moments away from the mall )
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More of why I love my husband, a double shot...

While I was racing around with Kieran early this morning, he discovered that I had neglected a partially-dried and musty load of my jeans in the dryer. He rewashed & redried them without comment until I opened the dryer much later this morning and exclaimed surprise at finding my stuff in there.

Despite my complete & utter stupidity in marking a party that is in two weeks as tomorrow and not figuring it out until this afternoon when I took a closer look at the invitation, he called his family with pluralistic grace regarding the error & that we wouldn't be there to visit them afterward as planned.

Personally, I think he's elated he won't miss the World Cup final after all. I may just make him the nachos he's craving as a surprise.

Hang the DJ

Apr. 6th, 2006 12:40 pm
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I'm currently mortified that the other day I spaced out on the fact that Johnny Marr practically was The Smiths long before his stint with The The. Some former DJ I am! I eloquently blathered on to my husband about the distinction between Smiths & solo Morrissey less than an hour ago, citing this chorus as an example.

Guess what just came on the radio?

This is in addition to having my vintage teen angst song (Smiths, not Morrissey, I needed good guitar for my moping) half a lifetime ago covered earlier. I've been laughing at myself ever since, combined with some genuine amazement that my 3 lifelong friends who survived that era still have anything to do with me today. I was the epitome of doomcookie before the phrase was even coined & have a box full of godawful poetry and journals to prove it.

Edit: Major faux pas for RadioNigel to subject us to Joe Jackson - Steppin Out twice in about 3 hours.
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Seven years ago this morning, I walked outside my apartment to be greeted by a police officer who asked, "Is that your car, ma'am?" It was broken into with the driver's window smashed out but nothing stolen. Other cars in the complex weren't so fortunate, so I considered myself lucky.

The scenario was most annoying since that was also the day we made the transition from apartment renters to homeowners and the parking situation is considerably more secure at our home.

I count myself luckier still that, despite a broken pipe and hot water heater, we have a durable and cute little place on a not-so-little plot (for the city) that is conservatively worth almost double what we paid for it. This year our principal will dip into the 5 digit range & be paid off by the time Kieran's a sophomore in high school, just in time for college. Yay!
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My husband wore this bout 6 years ago today, I made the silly clay models when we got our wedding proofs back.

True relaxation is two sessions in a jacuzzi at a 5 diamond hotel, not to mention our first night away from Kieran ever.

No way in hell it'll be 3.5+ years til the next night, believe me.
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There is something even more illicit about not only sneaking in a kiss on company time, but sharing a gargantuan chocolate cupcake before noon that was provided by his senior management.
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There's just something about sneaking in a kiss on company time that makes the morning brighter.
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It's been a long, evil week.

I have to remember there is always hope. Chocolate cheesecake is the first step!

Love notes

Aug. 25th, 2005 11:20 am
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In over 7 years of being together, these have taken many forms from email to actual letters and (our favorite) post-it notes. Some of the latter have stayed in the same place for years and are probably cemented to whatever they are stuck on.

I don't think many of them reflect our humor, a reminder and the current state of affairs as the one I left in the Camry as I drove in to work this morning though:

You honor me by giving me gas under $2.69

Ah, love & Chevron.
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Tons of anniversary mush )
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Yeah, I'm just a little excited now that LJ has finally decided to stop putting whatever server my account is on in read-only status. I even cut my husband off on the phone when a ticketing screen refresh finally decided to acknowledge it was 10am and let me in so I could race through the preliminaries to land good seats.

I thought that it had been years since we'd been to a concert but that isn't true, there was They Might Be Giants with Kieran last year. This is a much different setting though, and I can't wait.

Even better, there is no fear of the Depeche Mode concert curse. The only two times I've seen them were immediately preceded or followed by the sudden unexpected deaths of my paternal grandparents. Although I haven't seen my father in years, I don't wish to off him next...


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