Mar. 24th, 2004

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The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind of reconnections, some I have sought and some who have sought me. Very strange timing, very dramatic events in some cases, and a poignant reminder of the fact that the true friendships I established in the past that can apparently transcend years of lost contact are invaluable.

Looking around me now, however, I don't see the same base connectivity at work in the relationships I'm trying to establish with other mom-type friends. Is it because there is truth in the saying that you never have friends the way you do when you are young and I am now old? Is my focus supposed to change to encouraging my child to learn how to make lifelong friends? Nobody writes books about things like this and we live in such a transient society now that I have no clue.
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Ended up a step backward with a 3.9 in my recent class, tying & maintaining my UW GPA since admission last summer. My track record so far is:

French (3rd quarter) - 3.5 (distance learning, not in GPA)
Summer 03 - Art History - 3.8
Fall 03 - Anthropology - 4.0
Winter 04 - Sociology - 3.9

Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about my GPA going down next quarter :)


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