Jun. 3rd, 2004

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I've been back to school for a full year and employed by UW for over 6 years, and have never set foot inside any UW library. I'm so embarrassed, what sort of former Journalism major am I for avoiding a spectacular resource for so long?

However, I have 2 crucial references for my final project that aren't online in any form, so I must haul myself in there tonight. I already have a parking permit paid for since I get to skip class (we got extra credit for attending 2 out of the last 3, go figure), so it should be rather fun & break me past the severe intimidation factor I always get when facing surroundings I have no clue about.

Hopefully I won't be too distracted by the architecture, I've always had some semblance of disbelief that a library could actually be so beautiful.
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I felt like I should have been a young debutante wearing a flowing dress with white satin opera length gloves when I descended the Grand Staircase. Birks, jeans & a shirt just didn't do at all.

Things that entertained/amused me:

  • Having to buy a mocha in order to break a $10 because the library cashier was closed and I had to use the change machine (only accepting ones and fives) in order to use the 1 copy machine that wasn't broken out of 3 in Periodicals
  • Trying to find call section GE1 (Suzzallo? Allen? Signs saying A-F then H+? Aggggh!)
  • There is an espresso bar inside the library
  • There is an espresso bar inside the new Seattle Central Library
  • Wondering if libraries outside of Seattle are this caffeinated

A wonderful experience overall even though it took me way too long with the Unexpected Mocha Event. I've gone from a mediocre thesis proof to a very strong one with the resources I picked up, just finished studying them, and am raring to go with my writeup tomorrow after a good rest.


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