Jul. 30th, 2004

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Literally. From 11pm - 2am, with outbursts at least once every 10 minutes, we held our poor little guy who no longer fits in our arms as well as he once did in the glider rocker. It got so bad toward the end that he'd fall asleep a second after a dry heave only be to startled back awake by the next one.

No clue what on earth happened, he didn't eat any food that we all didn't have, and he's perfectly happy and downing tons of Pedialyte & crackers today.

We are the walking dead, my husband bailed on work this morning since we all slept until 8:30 but I'm here anyway this afternoon. Too many people are on vacation or about to go on vacation, and several fires of uncertainty are burning.

On the other hand, I strategically timed the first implementation of my battle plan and the results are most excellent so far...
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Had myself a good sleep-deprived laugh at the Sloganator. Multi-forwarded email background info: the original sloganator accepted everything, then it started censoring profanity and words like 'Hitler,' 'dictator,' and 'evil.' I'm bummed that this was off my radar when we were studying election campaign websites in my COMS class spring quarter.


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