Sep. 6th, 2004

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As I was driving home from my mom's house with my own little family sound asleep in the car, I thought about how Kieran's the first child on all branches of my direct family to be born outside of northern California since the 1800s. I was the third generation born in Sacramento on one branch, and during the 1800s there were 3 of my ancestors born in northern CA as far back as 1858. No wonder it was such a big deal for me leave the state & start a family up here, CA was more of a homeland than I realized.

Then I thought about various family connections to Washington (my great-great grandfather born near Centralia, for example) & how I've always ended up living where my ancestors have before even when I thought I was going someplace new.

I was pondering what that meant when a 2x4 came flying off from a loaded semi in the right lane in front of and straight at me.

The subsequent braking & swerving woke everyone up quite abruptly, but no damage was done. I'm glad we were north of Everett or we would have been hit by the wood and/or another car if I tried to avoid it since traffic was so thick south of there.

So that's been our weekend. I'm looking forward to a much less eventful trip to Target now.


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