Sep. 12th, 2004

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This weekend was all about the yard. I hit Sky Nursery twice (if you're in the Seattle area and love gardening or even just enjoy walking around a huge variety of plants, this place is a must see) since they were having a fall sale.

Yesterday I went, picked up the list of exactly what was on sale, spent a small chunk of change and replanted the front porch container & took measurements of a few things to plan today's attack. Then I was inspired to start the fall cleanup of the yard, filled up our maximum 4 yard waste containers and still have a heap of clippings left over.

I discovered that I was overcharged for my winter pansies so I hauled most of the plants back, got a credit, then promptly blew that credit and much more. 'But it's on sale...' is my biggest downfall. We now have 3 planters that are built to straddle deck rails, a beautiful little fire dragon statue, even more winter pansies, mums & a bunch of dark ruffly purple & black plants and trailing basket stuffers that I can't remember the names of. It'll probably take me all week to plant everything, but quite worth it to have colorful plants within eyesight of the windows & along the driveway when the winter blahs hit.

In addition to all that planting, I'm going to make a valiant attempt at overseeding the lawn. The plan is to actually do it right this time with dolomite lime & a thin layer of compost in addition to fall fertilizer. We'll see how the results pay off next year, I think some areas just weren't meant for grass.


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