Oct. 2nd, 2004

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We now own our permanent real estate location, with a beautiful view of the Cascades and Mt. Baker off to the side & partially blocked by a tree. I'm glad we picked our spot out, nobody else would have danced around on a row of empty graves figuring out the best vantage point in the future the way we did! As you can guess, it's not where we currently live but somewhere between here and Canada since we don't anticipate leaving western Washington or living further south than Seattle. Even if we do, we could turn around and sell it for a 110% profit now to match what the cemetery would have charged if we bought it directly from them. As with all good things in life, I researched online to get the best value & learned a lot in the process. No, I'm not telling you where it is, that way you can't go stomp or spit on it if I piss you off in the meantime. My husband & I now make crass jokes about who gets to be on top for eternity ;)

The cemetery guy congratulated us after the quitclaim was signed & we picked our lot, which seemed... odd. I think both parties involved were a bit surprised by how young we are, but were also floored when I told them that I was the one who had to settle my grandma's estate at the age of 25. Grieving sucks; grieving and having to guess what your family member would want you to do about end-of-life arrangements is hell.

We came home and I planted 273 bulbs while Kieran napped, then he woke up and we played with the hose for a bit watering the mums & pansies since rain has been scare these sunny days. I wasn't surprised that the A's didn't make it to the playoffs. I'm used to them having a lead then blowing it at the end through the years, and remain committed to the main goal of the World Series: Anyone BUT NYY!


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