Oct. 22nd, 2004

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I had a rather crappy end of the work week & a lot of unexpected nastiness to face again on Monday, but for now a 98-year-old & I are both really excited about meeting tomorrow. I swear she sounds younger on the phone than how I remember both of my grandmas who died in their 70s, and all family information she's told me that I didn't know before checked out perfectly with vital records research. I realized today that she is the midpoint for the documented 10-generation range on this line... a cousin of Kieran's great-great-great grandfather. He won't go with me on this visit, but I'm praying that she holds strong for the holidays so we can get a picture of the three of us then.

There are two sides to every story, and while the happy side is well-documented there is a very dark one of children sold to pay off debt that absolutely sickens me. I don't think my grandma ever knew that part, it's possible my great-grandfather didn't either. I will learn it in full, and find some way to incorporate the lessons learned in our family story that is not forgotten again. There are already 8 divorces in Kieran's direct lineage, as far back as 1875. My belief is that in the absence of strong marital role models, this cycle is perpetuating itself without anyone talking about why things fell apart & what they've learned as a result. God help me, that will change here & now.


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