Dec. 10th, 2004

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Despite having to cut a huge chunk due to time constraints from other groups going a long time, I managed to grab the attention of most of my class in my simple presentation last night. No visual props, no slides, nada... just my voice and carefully chosen narratives to weave a tale of perspectives between the Chehalis, Indian agents & their delegates, and white settlers in Lewis County (aka my ancestors and their neighbors). Several of my classmates told me afterward that they were completely enthralled and I had their undivided attention when normally they fidget or space out during presentations. My prof commended me on talking about Native humor as a way of survival since it is integral. I am so glad, I was worried since my independent project is so different than the group presentations almost everyone else did, but apparently I got it right. That was a quarter of my grade, I have to find my focus again for the other quarter due in a paper next Thursday.

When I got home from class there was a surprise waiting for me in the mail: my letter to the editor published on Tuesday.
Wanna see? ) My 98 year old relative on the peninsula sent it, and while she didn't write anything I have a feeling she's proud of me for speaking up against such a huge wrong.

I just hope it helps somehow, and am beginning to wonder if being a Native rights advocate is something I'm supposed to do since it comes rather naturally to me the more I learn.


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