Feb. 14th, 2005

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We still start every Valentine's Day morning with the greeting of 'ooh it itches... ooh it burns' from some promo ad The End did years ago for something or another on V Day.

The weekend was a lively combo of backed-up plumbing repairs in the kitchen & a slow drain in the bathroom sink, downing my mom's homemade chicken enchiladas, going to see a movie while Grandma & Kieran got to play, too much cake, a lovely tea, and teaching Kieran the alphabet in French.

'payhouse diznee DOTCOM please? more numbers please?'

That's Kieran's cue for me to get on with it, more later.
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So, after a few rounds of Disney games, I looked outside and it appeared that God was having one heck of a dandruff shake off His shoulders. Of course we scrambled upstairs & outside with Kieran happily shouting 'Snowing! snowing!' then looked confused once he was out there )

It was all too brief & he threw quite the snit at having to be hauled back inside to have his wet mittens and coat taken off. He stomped off into the living room as I took off my own coat & shoes.... and then returned to the kitchen with something I was supposed to reprimand him for getting but I couldn't find it in my heart to do so.

My sweet barracuda )

Normally this is in the center of a dresser in our bedroom, and Kieran has never attempted to get it before but has tried for a few other arrangements on the end of it. I've never talked about the significance of it, and he certainly had no way of knowing that my husband & I went to get our marriage license 5 years ago today.

Yes, I cried.


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