Feb. 16th, 2005

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or something like that, I'm having trouble admitting I really like that new Beck song even though I can't make out most of it...

I partially bombed the test tonight in class, and the bonus questions won't save me because I had no clue what they were either. Que sera, sera, yadda yadda.

Tonight was still worth it as I had a rather surreal moment when the professor was talking about some information that I knew for a fact was wrong. When she asked the class for input, smartass me had to pipe up & rattle off what I've learned from previous classes with backup from one of my former classmates. Good COM major I am, I cited my sources, and the prof asked me for a writeup of my notes later 'if it wasn't too much trouble' and wrote down the name of one of them.

Then I sat back and realized that I'm obviously in good graces with this prof, and what I say is considered relatively credible to her at face value. A step further, I'm an articulate white chick talking about a culture that is not my own while sitting in a classroom of privilege that (no matter how we like to delude ourselves about higher education being available to all) is not accessible to the average citizen.

I've thought before about all the excuses and reasons everyone gives for minorities not doing well in school, but it didn't strike me on such an emotional level until now. If I, white chick, had such a gut reaction of 'NO! that's not right!', it must be a hundred times worse for kids of misrepresented cultures to sit in elementary school classrooms where teachers wield unquestionable authority to endure their education without being able to say 'NO! that's not right!'

Cultural advocacy; it's something I keep thinking & acting upon when I can, but I keep having this feeling that it's leading to some bigger picture I can't see yet.


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