Mar. 7th, 2005

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I spent the majority of the weekend wondering if I had the flu before I realized it was my nemesis: evil goldenrod in full bloom next to our garage, which is near our bedroom window... way too early in the season. It is amazing what power a single Claritin has to revive you from feeling like utter crap.

Kieran is beyond obsessed with bubbles. This is a good thing since it gets us all outside in fresh air, he runs after them with unabashed joy, and I've found that focusing on blowing as many bubbles possible in a single deep breath is akin to meditation. The true challenge was when my husband blew single gigantic bubbles and started getting winded. I took over and found that not only could I blow them bigger but I wasn't winded. I know it's from years of singing in the past, but it's encouraging to see that I might have my full lung capacity back. 4 years of remission from interstitial lung disease rocks!

I went to a bonsai class yesterday where I was the only one besides the instructor without grey hair. I didn't mind, and now have a 3 to 4 year old juniper I pruned, wired, shaped (with significant help), wired most of the smaller branches, then potted. The branch wires can come off in a few months, the main wire by the end of summer. I want to do more of them but need to study bonsai design first so I have a better idea of how to work with the natural lines of a tree.

I've scrapped my indoor bonsai garden plans for placing 4 to 5 bonsai in the rock garden over the years, they'll take far less water than anything else I plant in there. We're looking ahead to a drought summer and not planting anything that isn't on a dripline with plenty of mulch so our water bill doesn't go through the roof.


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