Jun. 18th, 2005

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We took Kieran to his second & last free movie (Madagascar) before he turns 3 next week. This was his only loud review in the middle of it, which not only cracked us up but I saw several other parents stifling giggles as well.

Of course the way Kieran knows this line so well is because he is definitely about to turn 3. Anywhere from 2-3 timeouts before 8 a.m. are not that unusual lately, although they're for yelling, throwing things & being rude when he's pissed off for not getting his way more than hitting. This kid has got once fierce temper, but strangely enough by about 9 he's settled down and is usually on an even keel the rest of the day. If he's not a morning person, I really wish he would at least sleep in past 5:30 and spare us all the resulting agony. Sleeping til 6:45 this morning was practically a miracle!

His grandma taught him how to record tracks on the Clavinova last week, which is a sequence of pressing the record button, playing, pressing stop, waiting for 'Now saving' to go off the screen, then he can play it back or record again. He worked off the internal memory for most of the week, but a few days ago he got frustrated with having just one recording at a time so I stuck a disk in. Since then he's recorded 17 tracks, and knows that Daddy recorded Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on track 2. He figured out playing a track back while switching the voice to something else (usually a drum set) and playing along with it, often for an hour at a time. We repeatedly try offering him other things like going outside to play, but 'No, more piano please!' is what we hear more often than not.

With this, numbers to 200 and reading words ranging from 'fox' to 'Washington', we've learned to not try and figure out what's ahead because he'll let us know what he needs when he gets there.


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