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My kindergartener is already taller than many of the first grade class students who are in the school library as I'm volunteering but he's currently on another growth spurt.

In the past these have always been noticeable by his mood (very contentious) and ribcage becoming more prominent but yesterday we had a rather interesting new sign.

He asked the yard duty lady to take him to the school cafeteria for breakfast as soon as he got off the school bus, not because we had forgotten to feed him but because he wanted a second one! He still ate all his lunch, an after-school snack, and about twice as much as he normally eats for dinner too.

Today I offered him a snack as soon as he woke up, breakfast, another snack after breakfast, and packed an extra sandwich in his lunch.

All was devoured but thankfully he didn't ask for another breakfast at school.

I wonder if we'll send him off to school with what would be a week's worth of food for me when he's a teenager.

Date: 2008-03-13 06:26 am (UTC)
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We're there as well.

Dinner tonight was a Boca burger, edamame, broccoli florets, some fruit leather from Trader Joe's, a small bowl of strawberry-yogurt cereal and an "everything" bagel with cream cheese. Steve and I ate too! ;)


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