Jan. 23rd, 2007 12:33 am
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Well ok, not exactly, but I opened up my luggage to find a TSA inspection notice in there. Memo to self: bringing home 3 bottles of jalapeno BBQ sauce, 1 bottle of salsa, 2 chili seasoning kits and over 1 lb of Creole seasoning may be overkill.

Kieran loved the pinto from Pilot Point (I now have printed proof his great-great-great-great grandfather had 1 horse and 1 buggy there that he paid $3.22 in taxes for in 1877) and a bigger UNT football, the kid's caught on fast that when I'm gone for a bit that means there are presents for him in my bags when I get back.

Kieran also has a fever and laryngitis and stayed home from preschool today. I find myself thankful that I made a mistake with my vacation request so that tomorrow is both noted on my boss' calendar and approved for me being out, I think we all need it.

It is so wonderful to just breathe the moist air here again.
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Let me tell you how soothing it is to sip a glass of wine in the kitchen while the aromas of fresh baked bread in the machine, brownies in the oven, and chicken noodle soup on the stove smother me in carbohydrate goodness *purrrrr*

Thanks to a careful reread of the voter's pamphlet before dropping off our ballots ($1.26 in postage because Seattle stuff kept rambling on - don't think so), I learned that those traffic circle thingies are better referred to as a type of traffic calming device.

I still like my first image of tossing hundreds of pacifiers on I5 better.
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I swear I get fiercely homesick over the stupidest things.

Home, as much as I loathe to admit it sometimes, is Sacramento. Land of 100+ degree summers, tomatoes flying off open bed trucks to splatter alongside I5, and the scent of burning rice paddy fields heralding fall's arrival.More on why I'm rambling about Sacramento )

Or is it really home anymore? I've grown awfully fond of the Emerald City and summers that won't kill you in a fiery blast as you step outside. In any case, Kieran is a native here and we have no plans to move from the area anytime soon. Our house owns us, not the other way around!


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