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Spiraling downward healthwise, but at the same time the resulting lack of sanity filter makes for interesting discussions with my beloved:

lol someone posted in a thread with a graph of "dumb things to do" and eating at arby's was one of them. Now half the guild is talking about their 5 for $5 deals and how we are all going to get Arby's this weekend. Sound good for dinner? :)

MEEEEEEEEEAT. We just got some Arby's coupons yesterday too.

LOL that's going in the thread :P

MEEEEEEEEEAT or the part about the coupons? or both?

both :P I already made a coupon comment so it works well ;)

RU mockin mah kewp0nz?

ummm, do you need to see the doctor?

btw, my post quoted your MEEEAT comment and I finished with "My wife FTW!" hehe

Truth? I love that more than the notes he writes for me. It's not just the counterbalance to wife aggro, it's that he includes me in his WoW life. We always discuss and are aware of things going on in each others' online worlds which don't remotely intersect with or interest the other, but are involved in nonetheless without having to BE in it.

We are very much individuals *and* us. I worry about relationships that aren't and try to merge everyting into coupledom.


Dec. 18th, 2006 03:15 pm
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At least the people we sent the Olive Garden gift certificates to have postmarks before this was released.
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But not when I've been awake since midnight with the stomach flu & a 102 fever.

I spent most of the early morning hours completely freaked out because 1. I tend to have severe perception issues with a fever & thought the walls were closing in on me plus 2. I thought I was responsible for some part of souvenir distribution with the Seahawks win last night.

I blame the latter on the fact that they uploaded the score & flashed it on an overhead projector once before church started & again before the sermon last night to the 20% of normal group.
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It's been a long, evil week.

I have to remember there is always hope. Chocolate cheesecake is the first step!


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