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After a long day of my job and my internship, I was almost in tears on the bus coming home from the latter because my group final project partner wasn't responsive and I was panicking. I haven't made it through finals without tears yet this summer, they're just too intense with everything else going on. She re-appeared with her part, integrated it with mine & submitted it while I decided to say 'screw it' when I came home and actually enjoyed dinner with my family, read books to Kieran for a half hour, then worked with him on writing so all went well there. I redid & resubmitted a section of another assignment I completely misunderstood to see if I could go up a bit from 7.6 out of 10 points, 10% of my total grade and thus far the only class assignment I don't have 100% in. Oh noes.

In less than a year I have finished 11 classes of 31 semester units (about 47 for those used to quarters) and endured 4 sessions of spring & summer finals for 7 classes since May. I now have 20 days until fall classes start again. What will I do now?

Teach myself medical terminology, of course.
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My current double 5-week class workload is very intense and will consume my Saturdays entire weekends until July, but with assignment opportunities where I find myself writing the words 'whimsical', 'ass' (a Biblical one, even), and 'symbiotic' all in the first sentence I quite enjoy it.
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Some Tillamook espresso mocha ice cream topped with Ghirardelli double chocolate sauce, obtaining the quarterly Lancome freebie, having the Victoria's Secret $10 birthday card help with some goodies, and NO SCHOOLWORK! I only have two more weeknights to indulge in such luxury before it cranks up again next Monday.

All this and excellent insulation contribute to a fantastic evening.
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One guess what I named my hypothetical hospital for my final project due tomorrow since I'm the only one in the entire class who can get away with doing so.

A full third of us have confided via email we have no clue what we are doing, and the ones who lost 25% of the planned meeting time on Saturday weren't even asked by the professor if they had any questions about anything.

At least I got my cool hands icon. I can't come up with any other benefits this class has given me when the course objectives weren't even met. Moving on...


May. 15th, 2007 01:03 pm
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I love love love this image for some reason.

Until May 30th nobody will hear much of anything from me. The workload for this whopping length of time that counts as a full semester is manageable but entirely consumed by medical digital images.

This course will focus on the usage and characteristics of medical images as well as two critical medical informatics standards used for exchanging relevant information such as patient demographics, orders, laboratory tests, and diagnostic images. These two standards, DICOM and HL7, will be explored in detail.

At least I'm learning fast, I already could tell the difference between CT, U/S, X-Ray & MRI images but that's already expanded to 6 other modalities. w00t.


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