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With SUPERVISION, I can't look at anything in motion without feeling ill and/or like I'm on some hallucinogenic trip. Fire, rainfall and moving bodies of water are too intensely beautiful for words. The Expedia points commerical with thousands of yellow bouncing balls nearly made me hurl. We don't have HD and I'm acutely aware of what is filmed at lower definition. I need the world's best wrinkle cream and a deep facial, stat.

Seeing just how dirty the baseboards are & some areas I've been missing with dusting is rather depressing. I have an immense amount of sympathy now for OCD cleaners who are convinced that with just a bit more scrubbing they can get that last spot out. I can hardly stand to leave the house alone, but 'this too, shall pass' has to be my motto for survival at the moment.
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So, my new contacts I received an hour ago have overcorrected my vision to somewhere between 20/15 & 20/10. I personally don't see the harm in having SUPERVISION, but my optometrist begs to differ. At least he was nice enough to let me wear them until my new ones (with a prescription decrease in both lenses by .50) come in next week. It'll suck adjusting back to normal vision then, but the improvement over my old scratched lenses will substantially help me with Capstone this week.

Speaking of, I'm kicking its ass.
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About damned time, I might add.

Kieran has woken up between 4-4:30 for 4 days in a row now. If we're not already there, we're approaching clinical insanity rapidly. Our guess is something with his circadian rhythms has been messed up with kindergarten because we can't identify any noise source that could be causing this although fall is coming. It may be time to haul out the lightbox again to see if that helps.
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I have read a lot of medical information every day for over a year now, but this is the first thing I've come across that caused me to fling aside my laptop and check things out immediately.

I've had a large mole on a sole for well over 5 years. I don't think I'm dead, unlike Bob Marley, so that's good. You can bet I'll be keeping a much closer eye to make sure it stays ok though.
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I knew there had been some changes in our benefits coverage, but had no clue that I could waltz in and out of my first eye exam in over 4 years for a $15 office visit copay and a whopping $4 for a new pair of gas permeable contact lenses that should come in next week.

My prescription has changed very little (yay gas perm stability) but my current contacts are badly scratched. This and not grad school is why my vision has been utter blurry crap for distance and night. I was blanking on how until I remembered they were both blown completely out in a wind gust last year plus the nasty Metro gravel incident in January probably did them in.
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Email from my dr. regarding wtf 34% hct:

Good for you for donating!

Multivitamins have very little iron in them -- enough for a daily dose, but not enough to replete quickly a real drop in hematocrit. I would say you should try taking iron supplements (e.g. 325 mg or iron sulfate or gluconate 2-3x a day) and see if that's what you need (I suspect that it is). I would take it for e.g 8 weeks and then we can recheck your hematocrit with an iron and ferritin reading to see where you are. Let me know if that sounds fine to you and I'll order the follow up labs.

I was even messing up my multivitamin by having it with breakfast. I knew food blocked some absorption, but iron even more so by whole grains & milk. Oops. No wonder I have felt like teh duuuuh since early November, I assumed it was all school burnout!
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Apparently I need more vitamin C as I know I have no lack of iron between my diet & a daily multivitamin, but the 34% HCT when I tried to donate blood today said otherwise.


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