Jan. 13th, 2004

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This is the response I have been tempted to scream at my coworkers today, but will vent here instead.

Several program coordinators made the mistake of marking employees' timesheets for annual leave instead of a personal holiday last month. This is a big mistake as a PH is a use-it-or-lose-it benefit each calendar year vs. AL that carries forward indefinitely.

I've had a constant stream of employees coming in with revised timesheets & benefit accrual reports as a result, and the vast majority of them say, 'Oh, you need an adding machine/big calculator!' when they see me whip out my little handheld calculator for corrections.

I hate those huge, desktop-space-stealing things. I never have & never will type in a proper 10-key fashion. I don't foresee myself at any job in the future where I will have need of that skill. I also will never type on a regular keyboard in a normal fashion for that matter (all of my left hand while using only my index, ring & middle fingers on my right hand), and it hasn't hindered my ability to ramble at length fairly accurately.

Conformity to a standard norm is not my forté. I get my job done well ahead of all established deadlines to everyone's satisfaction, so what difference does it make if I don't use the same instruments they do?


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