Sep. 21st, 2004

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I knew Kieran had grown over the summer to look more like a little boy instead of a toddler, but I didn't expect the difference in 'leaving for school' pictures to be this noticable in just 4 months. He's at that awkward stage where 3T shirts don't fit at all, 3T pants are the right length but too tight around the waist, some 4T shirts are perfect & others are baggy, and all 4T pants are gigantic. We can't win.

As usual, he loves school. Our future engineer/physicist had to be dragged away from rolling balls down a angled plastic shelf where the end dropped into another shelf angled down the other way, then dropping into a bucket. He went from being satisfied with one at a time to figuring out how to get 3 going at once without a logjam since the balls were different sizes & weights resulting in differing roll rates. Drawing, playing with huge blocks & exploring a mini-castle paled in comparison to the balls, the little poop even snuck back behind a curtain drawn over the stairs while we were cleaning up to play with them some more!

What got to me was when we were walking down the empty elementary school hall and looked through an open doorway to a kindergarten class in session. Those children were giants! How can my baby possibly become one of them 3 Septembers from now, probably in that same room?


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