Nov. 13th, 2004

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Yesterday was my personal holiday from work as planned so I'd have a 4 day weekend. We spent an unusually sunny Veteran's Day as a family playing with leaf piles in the yard & running around at Carkeek as the sun set waaaay far south compared to what we're used to during the summer months.

Yesterday was pretty grey & bleh, so I'm glad we got all that outdoor energy burned off then! After the usual morning ruckus & my husband came home, I spent an hour straightening up finances on Quicken then plopped myself down at my craft counter (the breakfast bar in the kitchen which has never been used as one) and only got up twice in 3 hours. It dawned on me that I haven't had that much time to devote to anything for myself since Kieran was born. Even studying for class is usually crammed into 15 minute breaks at work & a max of 2 hours after Kieran goes to bed, and let's face it: studying isn't exactly recreational. I plowed through 13 scrapbook pages from start to finish in 3 hours and was kind of tired toward the end! I don't see how people have the energy to do daylong scrapping events, my creativity only stretches so far before everything starts looking the same.

Am I likely to have that much time again anytime soon? No, but that makes me cherish what little bits I can grab for myself all the more & strangely enough I don't miss how much I once had. I know someday soon Kieran will be ready for weekend trips to Grandma's house & I'll laugh at how amazed I was to have 3 whole hours to myself. What a change from the only child who thought she'd go completely insane if she didn't have loads of alone time to herself every day to.. well.. whatever it is I am now.


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