Jan. 27th, 2005

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Well, my eyeball didn't actually explode, but it felt like it was when my gas permeable contact decided to break in half after I put it in this morning. One piece came out easily, but the other one took about 15 minutes of eye flushes and prodding before I could dislodge it from the bottom of my eyeball without scratching my cornea. I'll have a new pair next week, but wearing glasses from a decade ago in the meantime SUCKS.

I found a fantastic preschool for Kieran that is not only small, comfortable & welcoming but doesn't feel like a school. It's in an old farmhouse with a huge backyard and many fruit trees, and the animals there are finches (we'll have free ones offered to us since they are prolific breeders), a parakeet, a turtle, a gerbil & a snake that comes to visit from the owner's home sometimes. It's the least anal (and cheapest!) Montessori we've toured, yet the kids were the most relaxed, happy & polite I've seen. I think the house setting has a lot to do with the atmosphere, and Kieran had a great time. He'll start with their summer program in July, it's tempting to switch him over earlier but the timing isn't right for that much change.


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