May. 31st, 2005

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I'm sorry I couldn't return calls & kind invitations to go do more stuff this weekend, I promise to catch up after Thursday when I hand in my last paper of the quarter!

What was I so busy doing?

  • Lit a candle in respect yesterday & hung our new flag
  • Prepping, painting the majority of 400 sq. ft. (surface, the rec room is about 464 sq. ft. with a strange fireplace) then putting back together the majority of it by myself with the exception of moving the office desk, filing cabinet & bookcase. I ran out of energy last night to finish, but otherwise this is a major self victory since I've never painted anything by myself before
  • $100+ family shopping sprees at Lowe's, Costco & Fred Meyer ranging from shoes & pants to deck furniture & a shepherd's hook (my husband got a nasty glare with the 'hello, Bo Peep!' comment) for a glass hummingbird feeder
  • Assembling said deck furniture and putting up a temporary wire mesh barrier with my mom to keep Kieran in the backyard. The original plan of completing the fence & gate with my husband as Mom watched Kieran was derailed when my husband relapsed (again) & I kicked him out to get antibiotics already on Saturday morning
  • Being somewhat social *gasp* (my mom doesn't count) for about 6 hours including a Memorial Day BBQ that *gasp* actually had sunshine break through in time to eat outside on the new deck furniture! This is a miracle for Seattle
  • About 8 hours of gardening; clearing out spring bulb foliage, attempting to harvest compost (too soon: a very slimy & stinky mistake), spreading what compost was ready on our anniversary rose garden, husband mowed the lawns & I fertilized them (organic stuff, this area has made me very concientous about runoff), and weeding/pruning/mulching

    I'm actually not that tired, but I'm running off adrenaline since I just started my paper today. Oops.


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