Jan. 27th, 2004

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You may have noticed that I haven't said a whole lot about how class is going, even though the midterm is next week (already?!). This is because for the time being I'm not enjoying it too much, but it's a necessary step in laying the foundation for the course as a whole & I'm fairly optimistic that I will greatly enjoy that.

So, what are you taking? A brief summary is 'a sociology class'. The official title for it is "Historical Ambiguities and Contemporary Social Change: Confusion and conflict regarding the status and rights of American Indian tribes" It's not 'about Indians' nor is it 'about US history', but about their dynamic interaction over time.

History will teach us nothing... )

So, that's why I've been relatively quiet. That, and I know way too many pregnant women in the third trimester and am picking up on their nesting vibes so I've been cleaning out the house like crazy. My days are spent running after Kieran, working, trying to study, and tossing out 20 lbs worth of crap from the bathroom (and there isn't even all that much storage space in it). On the plus side, I found my high school graduation ring... and it was loose on my finger! Talk about an ego boost :)


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