Jun. 28th, 2004

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This was the shittiest Monday I've had for quite some time.

First, a manager gave me a particularly evil report: verifying start dates of when people started working for this department. There are over 170 people, many of whom have promoted from within & worked for other university departments, so simply giving the appointment or university start dates (both easy system fields) are worthless. Instead I must root through a plethora of online action notices, which is also worthless in many cases because it only goes back to 1990 and there are people who have been working here since Nixon was president.

Second, my supervisor pulled me off the above-mentioned evil report to do something even more evil: do the purchasing job I left about 4 years ago. The person currently filling it is going on vacation after Wednesday, and since that also happens to be fiscal year end there is a disaster of a backlog that all has to be entered in the system before then.

It is truly frightening how easy it was for me to step back into the entry/routing/logging purchasing routine despite numerous department changes. This is the job that used to routinely send me to the bathroom in tears and probably had a hand in how bad my sarcoid got (chronic stress & I don't get along well).

When I finished and got back to my own office, I found that HR screwed up 4 out of 7 job reclasses so I had to send them all back and wait... again... to make sure they do it right. In the past (before a system implementation that isn't even working yet after almost a year) I used to just enter the data myself and it was much, much easier that way. Damned bureaucracy.

I don't know what lesson I am supposed to learn from today except to now drive home like a bat out of hell.


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