Jan. 19th, 2005

It's a go

Jan. 19th, 2005 01:55 pm
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I just got off the phone with the graduate program at Communications, they definitely accept people with the tuition exemption program and have in the past. She even said it would be to my benefit to note in my application essay that I am planning on using the tuition exemption program since the department wouldn't have to find funding for me!

If things go well, I'll start graduate classes the week of March 27, 2006 paid for in full (less a $30 fee, a graduate class is currently $1,963 including that fee) thanks to my employer. The caveat is that there is space available in the class on the third day of the quarter, but all of the graduate courses have space available in them now (3rd week of the quarter) so I'm not too concerned.

My mom isn't too supportive, but her focus is 'What would you do with that?' I made up some BS answer about getting into management, but the truth is I don't know & I don't care what I 'do' with an MA. I love learning & want to continue after I earn my BA in August, have a flexible part-time work schedule, and an opportunity to earn an MA essentially for free. I'd be incredibly stupid to pass this up, I know my future holds a lot less flexibility than what I have now.


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